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The Whole Truth About The Effect Of Alcohol On Skin Condition
The Whole Truth About The Effect Of Alcohol On Skin Condition

Video: The Whole Truth About The Effect Of Alcohol On Skin Condition

Video: The Whole Truth About The Effect Of Alcohol On Skin Condition
Jacqueline Bisset in the film
Jacqueline Bisset in the film

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Do you thoroughly apply serum every morning and cream at night? Have you ever wondered how alcohol affects your skin? Of course, in moderation it will not cause significant harm, but excessive and too frequent use can not only change the complexion, but also accelerate the aging process.

What exactly does alcohol do to your skin?


Drinking alcohol in most people usually causes hypohydria, which means it acts as a diuretic by drawing moisture out of the body.


A large amount of carbohydrates and sugar in another mojito or Bloody Mary can lead to inflammation, and salt - to bloating. Hence the dark circles under the eyes after a fun night.


Dehydration weakens the skin barrier. It also gradually decreases the supply of vitamin A in the liver, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from environmental pollution.


Alcohol acts as a vasodilator. If the vessels are overly dilated, they can burst, leaving red spots around the nose and cheeks. In addition, if the liver is not functioning properly, the skin can become dull and the pigmentation around the eyes increases.

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7 alcoholic drinks - from the most harmless to the most dangerous:

  • Tequila is not as bad as you might think. It contains less sugar than most other alcoholic counterparts, so it is less likely to cause inflammation. Skip the salt and chances are you won't have a hangover.
  • Beer is bad, but not terrible. Although it contains some salt, it also has beneficial antioxidant and anti-aging properties. In addition, beer has less alcohol than most other spirits, and people tend to drink it more slowly, thereby reducing the effect of dehydration.
  • Gin and tonic or vodka tonic is not the worst choice. They are relatively low in sugar and salt. Therefore, avoid cocktails, drink a clean drink.
  • White wine is not the best option. Most people are familiar with the severe headache after long dinners accompanied by wine. Also, the sugar content in the composition leads to the systemic appearance of inflammation.
  • Mojito is bad, especially if you are afraid of wrinkles. As we learned earlier, sugar accelerates skin aging. Unfortunately, sugar or sugar syrup is added to mojitos, as well as soda or juice with a high sugar content. It's not just wrinkles that you need to worry about; sugar raises insulin levels and provokes inflammation throughout your body.
  • Margarita is one of the most dangerous drinks. This is a double whammy due to the killer duo of sugar and salt. This combination results in a puffy face.
  • Red wine is bad. Red wine dilates blood vessels, increasing the amount of redness. It also releases histamine, which again contributes to pigmentation.

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