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Samira Mustafayeva: “It Was Difficult To Realize That We Have To Start From Scratch”
Samira Mustafayeva: “It Was Difficult To Realize That We Have To Start From Scratch”

Video: Samira Mustafayeva: “It Was Difficult To Realize That We Have To Start From Scratch”

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Photo: @samira__mustafaeva
Photo: @samira__mustafaeva

What was the most difficult thing in life after a big sport?

Understand in which direction to move. The first time after the end of my professional career, I really thought that I would not return to sports. The recovery period dragged on, I stopped following the diet and gained 10 kg. Due to the fact that for almost all of my life I had to keep myself within strict limits, I broke down, “feeling freedom”. Throughout your sports career, you are constantly in motion: you set a goal, achieve it, set the next goal, achieve it. And all this is accompanied by training and training camps, injuries and recovery, communication with the coach, your team and rivals, adherence to the daily routine, including nutrition. When this chapter of your life ends, you are stressed. It was difficult to realize that you have to start from scratch. The skills that I learned during trainingnot quite suitable for normal work. A certain period is required for the development of knowledge and a new type of activity. You have to make new acquaintances and actually form a new way of life.

Where did you get your strength after someone else's mistake, which cost you the championship and, possibly, a career in sports?

In the support of loved ones who believe in me and in all my undertakings. Both after the end of their professional career and during the launch of SM Stretching, they were by my side. I have not and did not have any offense, and I say this sincerely. Now it doesn't matter if what happened was a mistake or not. This is a separate story, and I would like to leave it only in my memory. Everything that happens is for the best. If I continued my career in professional sports, there would be no SM Stretching.

How has sports training in business helped you?

Sport builds character and teaches not to give up, to be persistent. These are valuable qualities not only for business, but also for life in general. It also gives you immunity from laziness! You are always in good shape. Also, sport helps to achieve the goal. An entrepreneur, like an athlete, has the main, the biggest goal to which he will go, despite the difficulties, at any time of the day. Let's say that opening a network of beauty salons for an entrepreneur can be equated with winning the Olympic Games for an athlete.

Photo: @samira__mustafaeva
Photo: @samira__mustafaeva

Big sport is covered with myths about tough coaches. Is it really? How demanding are you of your guests?

I can't speak for everyone, but at SM Stretching we are of the opinion that the coach should be a motivator, energize. Our team consists of professional athletes with many years of experience, but human qualities are also important. SM Stretching Angels are friendly, helpful and helpful coaches. Each guest does the exercises to the best of their ability. We do not set a goal to put on a twine in 3 sessions and, as a result, injure the girl. Coaches always listen to the guests, but if they feel that someone can do more, they help to move forward.

Tell us about the studio in Beverly Hills: how did you do it? Who comes to you to study?

Before deciding to open a studio in Los Angeles, my husband and I visited the United States several times. I went through barre training, visited various studios and at some point caught myself thinking that we can give this city something that has not yet been here. Surprisingly, the fitness capital of the world has not heard of the stretching technique that we practice at SM Stretching! This is a full-fledged workout, as a result of which the girl gains flexibility and sits on the twine. Our guests include both native speakers and Russian speakers, but all classes are conducted in English. So far in the US, SM Stretching doesn't have so many famous fans, but Maria Novosad and Brit Manuela have already dropped in to us.

What are the benefits of large open workouts? Somehow about 300 people came to Gorky Park - were you very nervous?

I am always worried about the result of any event that we hold. I would like everyone to get something positive after such training: communication with people who share his interests; a charge of energy, a pleasant pastime, the opportunity to stretch and try this type of fitness. In large open training sessions, we try to employ multiple trainers to reach the audience and focus on as many participants as possible. Training in the fresh air has a good effect on well-being: mood improves, anxiety and stress levels decrease. Such activities, in principle, are easier for the body.

Photo: @samira__mustafaeva
Photo: @samira__mustafaeva

Tell us more about summer outdoor training: why did you choose the barre format and who should try it?

The first time I attended a barre class in the USA, I did not understand why it is so popular there. But when I went to another studio, everything fell into place. Then I fell in love with this type of fitness. We decided to start outdoor barre training because nobody did it in Moscow. Perhaps this is due to the difficulty of finding a location that would allow conducting the same effective classes as in the studio. When we did stretching training on the roof of the Oko tower, it was something new, but later many began to organize similar. It was necessary to move on. I am grateful to the management of Gorky Park for the incredibly cool location - the roof of the main entrance. All necessary inventory and mats are provided by SM Stretching. In the studio, guests practice in socks, but we certainly ask you to wear sneakers for outdoor training.Barre is an intense workout. Everyone, without exception, who has no contraindications for health reasons, should try it. You can discover a whole new kind of fitness that outperforms gym work. At the same time, you do not lift the "iron" and do not harm your back health.

The trick of your Instagram is twine. What is the most unusual place where you took a photo in this position?

It seems to me that I already have a million photos of twine in various places. For example, in the subway in Moscow and New York, on a tree with the Hollywood sign in the background. There are a couple of videos, in one of which I close the trunk of a car with twine, and in the other - a luggage rack on an airplane.

Who do you yourself follow on social media for inspiration?

I am inspired by the people I know. Looking at them, I understand how much effort they put into their work, how they cope with difficulties and achieve success. My friends, family members, guests of SM Stretching - they all motivate me to move forward, to be better, to do something cool and interesting.

Can you share tips for a missed workout? What exercises can you “restore” it at home?

In general, I don't recommend exercising between workouts. If you have already been to one or two workouts in a week, then there is nothing wrong with a small pause. Muscles need to rest and repair. If you have missed classes several times, then it makes sense to practice at home. Most importantly, start with a warm-up. Jump in place, do head bends and squats, stand on the plank, and so on. Only then proceed to the main training program. One of the reasons we decided to launch SM Stretching online courses was to show you an effective and safe set of exercises that you can do at home. So far, we have only shown stretching lessons. We worked them through to the smallest detail and provided an opportunity to ask questions to the curator.These online courses meet all the requirements for a complete workout at home.

Photo: @samira__mustafaeva
Photo: @samira__mustafaeva

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