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5 Russian Jewelry Brands Worth Knowing About
5 Russian Jewelry Brands Worth Knowing About

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The Russian clothing and jewelry market has long ceased to lag behind the western one. Local brands often make a product of higher quality than large brands do, because they put more attention and love into each product. We are sure that the motto "support your locals", which sounded everywhere during the quarantine, is always relevant - therefore, we have collected 5 brands of jewelry that are definitely worth finding out about if you are not already familiar with them.


For the most part, Sumei brand produces concise silver pieces that are easy to imagine in your everyday wardrobe. These are all kinds of rings, from smooth wide to twisted in a spiral, and the usual studs, and pearl pendants. The products are full of Scandinavian minimalism and love for detail - so if such an ideology is close to you, pay attention to the Sumei brand.


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Jewelry with dripping drops in the style of Salvador Dali and in the most unusual forms is produced by Fjord. Here you can find not only the usual rings and earrings, but also unusual cuffs for the whole ear, pendants in the form of pins or massive chains, which, by the way, are the trend of the next year. The brand's products are also represented abroad - and are successfully sold, for example, in Japanese, Israeli and Austrian stores.


Simple jewel

A very young Moscow brand, a distinctive feature of which is that all products are made by hand according to specified dimensions. Thanks to this brand policy, special attention is paid to each product - therefore, they are all bred to perfection. At Simple jewel, you should go for a variety of silver rings: seals, loop-shaped, massive ribbed or faceted.


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An excellent option for those who are tired of brevity and minimalism and are looking for large jewelry of unusual shapes. The brand produces heavy rings, chains with a ball pendant, drop earrings and a ring consisting of closing letters “time to love” - it seems that all this can be safely added to your constant wishlist.

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You know Avgvst for their lollipop charms, beaded earrings and bra-clasp pendants. The brand was highly appreciated by many Russian fashion experts - for example, the brand has collaborated with Alena Doletskaya. "Jewelry for those who do not wear jewelry" - says the ironic slogan of Avgvst, and we, together with hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, take this irony personally.


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