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5 Russian Cosmetics Brands To Watch Out For
5 Russian Cosmetics Brands To Watch Out For

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Local brands of cosmetics have long been in no way inferior to large brands. Often they rely on environmental friendliness and ethical production, which many manufacturers cannot boast of. The local beauty market just needs to be maintained and developed - that's why we are talking about five brands of cosmetics from Russia that are worth watching.


The ethical brand from St. Petersburg produces care products and decorative cosmetics based on minerals, natural oils and wax. The assortment of the brand includes various masks and oils for body and face, highlighters, blush, powders, lipsticks and more. A distinctive feature of the brand is that all cosmetics are mineral, which means they are more natural and beneficial to the skin.


A Russian cosmetics brand that produces products that are vegan and cruelty free, which means they are completely organic and not tested on animals. For a reasonable price, you can purchase excellent oils, both essential and massage oils, liquid soap and even scented candles. By the way, the smells of the brand's products are especially pleasant.


Another eco-friendly brand of cosmetics from St. Petersburg. They specialize in the production of basic face and body care products. The main components of cosmetics are clays, vegetable oils, minerals and herbs. These cosmetics are completely suitable for vegans, as well as simply for those who follow the composition of cosmetic products and appreciate stylish packaging.

Mi & Ko

The brand has existed for more than ten years, and during this time it has managed to establish itself in the Russian cosmetic market as an ethical and environmentally friendly quality brand. You can find almost everything in their line, from basic care products to children's and men's products. In addition, the Mi & Ko brand is involved in charity work and donates funds to various organizations.


Flame Moscow

This brand only makes what concerns fragrances: pleasant perfumes, shower gels and body oils, scented candles and special diffusers for the home. The aromas of the brand's products are revealed in different ways depending on the circumstances, and everyone can feel them in their own way. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying them.

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