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How To Sunbathe For A Beautiful Tan
How To Sunbathe For A Beautiful Tan

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Photo: @kaiagerber
Photo: @kaiagerber

Over the past few years, a clear trend has emerged in the beauty industry: many supermodels and actresses claim that they never tan because the sun's rays accelerate skin aging. At the same time, doctors say that the sun, the main source of vitamin D, is certainly useful, but, like everything, in moderation. To sunbathe beautifully without harm to your health, you must follow 5 main rules.

1. Determine your skin type

  • 1 type. The skin is light with a pink tint, pale, sensitive, often there are freckles. Eyes - blue or green, hair - blond or red. In the first 2-3 days of sun exposure, you need to apply a cream with SPF 40, then you can switch to SPF 30-20.
  • Type 2. The skin is fairly light (ivory), the eyes can be gray, gray-blue, gray-green or light brown, the hair is brown or light brown. In the early days of tanning, it is recommended to use SPF 20-15, and then switch to a cream with SPF 10-8.
  • Type 3. The skin is dark, olive-colored, the eyes are brown, dark green, and the hair is often dark brown or black. This type has no freckles. Such skin requires initial protection - SPF 10, and later can be reduced to SPF 4.

2. Skin preparation

Before going to the sea, you should take care of cleansing the skin and getting rid of keratinized particles of the epidermis, for this you need to scrub. This procedure will help remove dead skin cells that often interfere with the penetration of ultraviolet light into the deeper layers of the skin, where melanin accumulates, the pigment that gives the skin a bronze color.

3. Proper care of lips and eyelids

To give your face a beautiful and even tan without burns (after all, the skin on the face is much thinner and more sensitive), experts recommend applying special products to the nose and lips, which are usually sold in sticks or mini versions of tanning cream designed specifically for the face. As for the lips - they should be moisturized every hour with hygienic lipstick with oils that will prevent flaking and cracking.

Photo: @kaiagerber
Photo: @kaiagerber

4. Time for tanning

The best times to achieve a healthy and bronzed skin tone are in the morning (before 11:00) and in the evening (after 16:00). The most dangerous sun is considered from 11:00 to 15:00.

5. After sun care

An important recommendation for all three types of appearance is after-sun care. Experts recommend using moisturizers and emollients as the skin becomes drier and more flaky. Also, after sunburn, it is worth drinking carrot juice with cream - it will not only help you quickly acquire the desired bronze skin tone, but also protect you from dangerous ultraviolet rays due to the high content of vitamin A, as well as carotenoids and antioxidants.

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