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Gastronomic Newsletter Of The Week: New Menu, Dinner, Brunch, Dish And Recipe Of The Week To Watch
Gastronomic Newsletter Of The Week: New Menu, Dinner, Brunch, Dish And Recipe Of The Week To Watch

Video: Gastronomic Newsletter Of The Week: New Menu, Dinner, Brunch, Dish And Recipe Of The Week To Watch

Video: Gastronomic Newsletter Of The Week: New Menu, Dinner, Brunch, Dish And Recipe Of The Week To Watch
Video: Easy 10 Breakfast Recipes 2023, December
Image columnist Julia Susova (@Susfood) shares the main gastronomic findings of the week.

Dish of the Week: Mushroom Ramen at Izakaya Bars [KU:]

In the main ramennaya capital, you can still taste original and authentic meat soups such as tonkotsu (thick with pork broth), tori paitan (tender chicken), sukiyaki (with beef and sake) and duck. But in the New Year, the team made at to vegetarians. Chef Vadim Malkov composed ramen from seven types of mushrooms and noodles - also mushroom. Spicy broth on porcini mushrooms and shiitake, complemented by truffle paste. The role of "meat" is played by chashu - a steak of an oyster mushroom, and it is accompanied by shimeji honey mushrooms and a tender oil infused with porcini mushrooms. Thin as threads, enoki mushrooms are put in a bowl raw instead of vegetables (the Japanese even feed them with them). By the way, you can get an impressive discount on the soup with the Denis Ivanov restaurant card. What is not a reason to issue it?


Brunch of the week: at the Salt Restaurant

The brunch marathon will continue until the end of the holidays at Salt. You can come from 12:00, chef Olga Suzdalkina is responsible for the food. Guests will find a special menu made up of the restaurant's hits and completely new dishes, with which it is pleasant to start the day off. Go for the crab, spinach and tobiko omelet or the bottarga scrambled eggs on milk bread. Spicy broth with duck, fries and pickled egg will help you recover from late feasts. As well as the local junk food: baoburek with truffle sauce or hot dog with halibut tempura and caramel pepper sauce. The cocktail specials of these days are “Bloody Mary” and “Aloe Bellini” based on herbal tea. All the fun will be accompanied by friendly DJs.


Menu of the week: new items at Pizza 22 cm

Since January, three new pizzas have appeared on the Pizza 22 cm menu. The first one, within the framework of the "Chef's Pizza" project, was invented by Alexey Kanevsky, the Smoke BBQ chef and the main expert on Texas barbecue in Russia. No wonder that his new creation contains all the signature ingredients: brisket, BBQ sauce and legendary cucumbers in bourbon.

The second novelty is made according to the recipe of James Cirillo from Cirillo's pizzeria in Dublin (16th place in the "TOP-50 best European pizzerias"). His Frankie pizza included mozzarella, tomato sauce, bell peppers, Italian pork sausages, red onion and chili of the same color.

And the third pizza turned out to be sweet, New Year's - with persimmon, creamy sauce, mozzarella, spinach and honey and passionfruit sauce.


Event of the week: Christmas dinner at Noor bar

The talented French chef David Emmerle came to Moscow for the holidays and, of course, could not ignore his beloved Noor bar. After all, a good half of the menu is his handiwork, and the current chef Maxim Pogadaev is his student and protege. On the eve of Christmas, January 6 at 19:00, David is hosting a festive dinner for Muscovites. The menu includes pumpkin snacks, salmon, beef cheeks with mashed potatoes and other dishes made from products from Moscow markets. The wine accompaniment of the dinner will be taken care of by the bar manager Sasha Churilova - she will select from her stocks something inexpensive, but suitable for the occasion. The price with wine accompaniment is pleasant - 3500 rubles.

Recipe of the Week: Keto Cheesecake by Lena Nabiullina, Pastry Chef at Garage Cafe

“The trend is not only keto, but everything that is sugar and gluten free. This trend is just starting to gain momentum. This approach allows us to preserve not only the figure, but also health, enjoying the usual dishes. So, keto sweets do not differ much from the usual ones in taste. My cheesecake is somewhere between the classic and the Basque version. From the latter there is a golden crust in it, from the classics - a very tender center."



  • Cremette - 800 g
  • Sour cream - 300 g
  • Mascarpone - 100 g
  • Vanilla - two pods
  • Cream 33% - 250 ml
  • Eggs - 5 pcs.
  • Erythritol - 220 g


Warm up the cremette in a water bath before use, so it will be more convenient to work with it.

Mix all the ingredients and punch with a hand blender until smooth.

We spread the mass in a prepared form (we wrap the base and edges with parchment). I used a mold with a removable bottom, diameter 24 centimeters.

We put the form in an oven preheated to 195 degrees. We place a tray with water there.

Bake the cheesecake for about 35 minutes, opening the oven a couple of times. This is necessary so that it does not "run away" and does not crack.

Cool the cheesecake at room temperature and then refrigerate overnight until cooked.