12 Original Home Gifts That Everyone Will Love
12 Original Home Gifts That Everyone Will Love

Video: 12 Original Home Gifts That Everyone Will Love

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For many people, forced self-isolation seemed like a prison, and for some it turned out to be a rare opportunity to spend time at home. One way or another, quarantine showed how important it is to have a comfortable space around you, where you are beautiful, safe, comfortable and cozy. Unsurprisingly, during the spring lockdown, the demand for flower delivery and home decor increased significantly. We suddenly noticed how the apartment comes to life if there is a fresh bouquet in the house, how the aromas of candles warm us, such as such small details as vases, boxes, trays, glasses and rugs, create a mood and delight the eye every day. Beauty is made up of details. It is decorative little things that help you enjoy the moment, and any quarantine in a place where you feel good (that is, at home) no longer seems like torture. Therefore, a gift that can become part of the interior seems to be the best,what can you give a remote person.

You will never miss the chance to give your friend a scented candle or diffuser. You just need to guess with the composition. For example, Flame Moscow has fragrances for all tastes that can easily be mistaken for a selective perfume. Look for the most fashionable (yes) vase of the season from the designer Anissa Kermiche - her sculptural creations in the shape of female buttocks have spread all over the instagram of Western influencers. As for ceramics, take a look at the store on the website of the Anton is Here Near Charity Foundation - here you can find beautiful and original cups, jugs and plates, and much more. If porcelain, then only imperial. Literally. The vintage-style service will be an excellent present for tea lovers. You can support the domestic manufacturer by purchasing natural tablecloths or napkins for the festive table on the Nakroy website,which united historical manufactories - "Gavrilov-Yamskiy weaver", "Kostroma linen manufactory", the factory "Eletsky lace" and "Yakovlevsky jacquard" - no mass market can compare. Look for bright blankets at Missoni Home - always with the signature zigzag weave. And as a gift to the sophisticated esthete, we offer to present a lamp designed by the legendary Philippe Starck.

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