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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree: 5 Most Unusual Options
How To Decorate A Christmas Tree: 5 Most Unusual Options

Video: How To Decorate A Christmas Tree: 5 Most Unusual Options

Video: How To Decorate A Christmas Tree: 5 Most Unusual Options
Video: 5 Christmas tree decorations ideas simple, Christmas decorations ideas 2023, December

There is less and less time left until the New Year, which means it is time to think about the most important attribute of this magical holiday - the New Year tree. There is almost more room for creativity here than in choosing an outfit or makeup, just let your imagination run wild. Gather your family and friends at home - and the process will turn into a real magic ritual. Below are 5 of the most interesting ways to decorate your Christmas tree.

1. Tribute to tradition

It so happened that every big holiday is associated with certain colors, for the New Year it is red and gold. No one will say exactly where this custom came from, but we pay tribute to the tradition to this day. To decorate your Christmas tree, choose red and gold balls of different diameters, ribbons, garlands and candles - the main thing is that everything looks harmonious.

2. According to the precepts of astrologers

The symbol of the coming year is the White Metal Bull, and astrologers recommend celebrating the holiday in silver clothes. If you don't want to be limited to a sparkling dress, dress up your Christmas tree in silver. Remember, the more gloss the better. Choose the most sparkling decorations and do not forget about electric garlands (it is better to take a solid color, with a cold white light).

3. As in childhood

The trend for vintage items can also be embodied in decorating the Christmas tree. Call your parents urgently and pick up boxes with antique Christmas decorations. Colorful balls, fancy figurines - everything that we loved so much in childhood. Your tree will not only look like no other, but also bring back fond memories of family holidays.

4. Unusual Christmas tree

Why puzzle over the color of Christmas tree decorations if the whole tree may not be green at all? Finding a good artificial Christmas tree that will look no worse than a real one is not a problem now, the choice is huge. Besides the fact that you can choose a tree of any color, it is a great contribution to the protection of nature (and you will not have to collect needles around the house for another month).

5. For minimalists

If a lot of toys on the tree don't seem like a good idea to you, there is a great solution. Take the longest electric garland you can find in the store and decorate your tree with it. You can add a few white or silver smooth balls or a decoration to the top - a stylish and simple solution.