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The Best Films Of Renata Litvinova
The Best Films Of Renata Litvinova

Video: The Best Films Of Renata Litvinova

Video: The Best Films Of Renata Litvinova
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The aesthetically flawless 1994 film by Kira Muratova, who discovered the genius of Litvinova. The action of the picture takes place in a city on the seashore, in the center of the plot are two girls, a blonde and a brunette, who are fond of horse racing at the hippodrome and fall in love with jockeys.

To Paris

The latest film by Renata Litvinova is about Russian officers celebrating the end of the war in Paris, where fun and pleasure awaits them. In the role of the mistress of a brothel in those difficult and dashing times, she looks incredibly impressive.

Goddess: how I fell in love

Renata's full-length debut as a director and screenwriter, in which she also starred. This gentle melodramatic picture about the policeman Faina, who is investigating a mysterious crime, is like an invitation to the intimate inner world and creative vision of Litvinova.

Sky. Plane. Girl

A beautiful and classic love story: two people saw each other in a cafe - and experienced meetings and partings, making time for dates, he - between business trips, she - between flights. To understand that their love is destiny.

Eternal Return

The most recent film by Muratova - and with the participation of Litvinova, to see how their creative union has evolved over twenty years. In the center of the plot are two classmates who have not seen for many years, and then met by chance during his business trip and fell in love with each other. Of course, he is married, but the desire to return again and again is stronger than him.