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The Beneficial Properties Of Vitamin C
The Beneficial Properties Of Vitamin C
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While we spend days and weeks in self-isolation, there is time to thoroughly take care of our health - for example, drink a course of vitamins or include more healthy foods and supplements in the diet. One of the vital elements that supports not only the health of the body from the inside, but also our appearance is vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid is found in plant foods: citrus fruits, kiwi, rose hips, cabbage. It acts as a natural antioxidant, strengthening the immune system and protecting us from infections, which is especially important in our time. But besides this, vitamin C has other useful properties - let's talk about them in more detail.

    Long and shiny hair

After a long winter and cold winds, the scalp needs to be restored. Vitamin C improves blood circulation by stimulating the work of hair follicles and accelerating hair growth. It promotes the rapid absorption of iron, which helps fight dryness and split ends.

    Healthy and strong nails

Daily intake of vitamin C accelerates the growth of nails and strengthens them, which helps to maintain the health of the nail plate, even with the regular harmful effects of gel polish.

    UV protection

Vitamin C acts as a natural sunscreen - it prevents hyperpigmentation, blocks melanin production and protects against photoaging. However, this does not mean that you need to give up sunscreens altogether - always apply an SPF cream on top of care with ascorbic acid in the composition.


    Energy source

Vitamin C energizes and stimulates the circulation of dopamine in the nervous system, thereby maintaining the function of the adrenal glands and conserving energy throughout the day. Therefore, the use of vitamin C in the morning will ensure high performance and will give a boost of vivacity for a long time.

    Acne and post-acne treatment

If your skin is prone to breakouts, choose a vitamin C treatment. It promotes cell renewal, reduces redness, tones the skin and heals wounds. This is not only true for damage caused by acne - vitamin C also heals cuts and bruises.

    Fight the signs of aging

Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, Vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. It accelerates skin regeneration, repairs damaged cells and stimulates collagen production, making the skin elastic - an ideal alternative to an anti-aging cream.

    Dandruff treatment

Vitamin C normalizes the sebaceous glands, eliminating itching and flaking of the skin. Thanks to its antiviral properties, it fights various infections and fungi and prevents their reappearance.


    Skin glow

Vitamin C can be a substitute for many salon treatments. It improves blood circulation, so other skin care products are better absorbed and work more efficiently, and the skin becomes hydrated and radiant.

    Vision support

From the constant use of gadgets (especially in self-isolation), our eyes are tense and need vitamins. Long-term intake of vitamin C can slow the growth of cataracts and prevent vision loss from macular degeneration.

    Lifting the mood

Vitamin C helps to cope with depression, anxiety and irritability. It stimulates the synthesis of the hormone norepinephrine, which helps to tone the body. If during quarantine you feel apathy or sadness, increase the dose of vitamin C in your diet - your mood is guaranteed to improve.

    Weight loss

Vitamin C helps in the fight against extra pounds, so it is indispensable during a diet or regular exercise for weight loss. Energy production helps burn calories quickly, even with moderate exercise. Studies have shown that high levels of vitamin C in the body can help you burn up to 30% more fat with regular physical activity.

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