Crown Fans Buy On EBay  Princess Diana's Hair
Crown Fans Buy On EBay Princess Diana's Hair

Video: Crown Fans Buy On EBay Princess Diana's Hair

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Video: Princess Diana’s Sweetest Moments in The Crown | Netflix 2023, January

The premiere of the series "The Crown" with renewed vigor stirred up interest in the life of the British royal family and the real "queen of hearts

Searches for such things on eBay have increased 73% in the last month alone. Unsurprisingly, these searches are consistently successful.

Portraits, dresses, autographs of Lady Dee - the fans are happy with literally everything. Of particular value was the lot with a piece of the wedding cake, on which even the cream was preserved, while the wedding of Diana Spencer and Prince Charles took place back in 1981. Booklets from the princess's funeral are also up for auction: this lot is also popular, with the original costing about £ 4,500, while a copy can be purchased for just £ 30. Among the memorabilia of the princess, you can find something especially curious - a lock of Diana's hair. This lot was originally priced at £ 300 and was accompanied by 10 pages of documentation with answers to all questions about authenticity. The seller said that the strand was inside the book of the princess, who never became queen.


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