What Happens If You Give Up Carbohydrates?
What Happens If You Give Up Carbohydrates?

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Photo: @ jelena.marija

Many people are afraid of carbohydrates like fire, in vain believing that they are the sure way to excess weight. Eating carbohydrates, gaining extra pounds, of course, is easier than eating proteins, but do not forget that carbohydrates are essential elements for the health of our body. We have already talked about a low-carb diet as a way to quickly lose a couple of extra pounds. It is absolutely harmless if the diet lasts no more than a week. For those who cut carbohydrates for a longer period, this can lead to serious health problems.

First of all, it is important to remember that carbohydrates are fast and slow. The former will give you nothing but a sharp jump in blood sugar. Fast carbs include white sugar, chocolate, candy and fruit, among others. It is quite possible to refuse from these products (with the exception of the latter - in addition to sugar, there are many useful substances). Slow (or complex) carbohydrates are digested for a long time, they do not greatly affect blood sugar, and they charge with energy for half a day. The best source of slow carbs is whole grains. In addition to complex carbohydrates, whole grains contain a wide range of different nutrients that our body needs.

Why is a complete rejection of carbohydrates dangerous? In fact, very many. Carbohydrates are needed for almost every process in our body. In the case of a constant lack of them, the brain will suffer first. Brain activity is impossible without glucose. Where does the body get glucose from? Only from carbohydrates. Long-term rejection of them will entail problems with concentration, decreased performance and, most dangerous, further cognitive dysfunction (impaired thinking). In addition to the brain, almost all our organs need carbohydrates, so you should not neglect them for fear of gaining a couple of extra pounds.

Below you will find 3 tips, following which you can get all the substances your body needs and not be afraid of weight gain.

1. Choose foods that are high in fiber in addition to carbohydrates. These include oats and quinoa, as well as some fruits and berries. Fiber will prevent excess carbohydrates from entering the bloodstream, and you will receive all the necessary elements.

2. Each meal should contain a balanced amount of slow carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. This combination of products energizes and eliminates the possibility of a deficiency of certain substances.

3. Eat small and frequent meals. This will ensure that blood glucose levels are maintained to nourish the brain and also protect you from overeating.

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