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5 Reasons Not To Give Up Coffee
5 Reasons Not To Give Up Coffee

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Photo: @_jeanettemadsen_

For many of us, coffee is our best friend and helper. Headache, PMS, sleepless night - cappuccino will always solve the problem. But if you've decided it's time to learn to live without a glass in hand, you should be aware of the consequences of this time-consuming process.

Headaches and irritability

It will certainly take a lot of effort to break the coffee habit. But to this psychologically difficult process will also add a headache: after all, the body is used to getting caffeine. By refusing your favorite drink, you doom yourself to difficulties with loved ones, as emotionality will increase and irritability will appear.

Constant fatigue

It is not surprising that after such experiments you will not be distinguished by cheerfulness. Caffeine affects the adenosine receptors and prevents feelings of depression. But when the body does not receive its usual portion of the drink, all the past disguised fatigue creeps out, and you feel it most acutely.

Digestive problems

Caffeine significantly improves digestion, but avoiding drinks with this aphrodisiac entails problems. If you do decide to stop drinking coffee, you should focus on foods high in dietary fiber, do not forget about water balance and lead an active lifestyle.

No energy for sports

Unfortunately, for a while, you will have to forget not only about meetings with friends, but also about sports, since you will not have the strength to exercise at all. Replace the gym with an escalator jog or just stick with your coffee.

You can't stop eating

Perhaps the most unpleasant news for those who want to lose weight. As soon as you stop drinking coffee, you get a constant feeling of hunger. Frequent snacking and weight gain begin. This is due to the fact that coffee used to suppress appetite due to its special properties, but now the body is trying to catch up.

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