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5 Reasons Why Matcha Tea Should Definitely Be In Your Diet
5 Reasons Why Matcha Tea Should Definitely Be In Your Diet

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We've been hearing about matcha tea for quite some time, and its popularity continues to grow. Traditional Japanese tea powder is now everywhere: we see matcha lattes, healthy shots and even green tea desserts in health food stores, coffee shops and pastry shops. Matcha is derived from the same plant as the green tea we are used to, but it has many differences with it. It is grown in a special way to avoid direct sunlight. This increases the content of chlorophyll, which gives tea a rich green hue. Matcha contains the nutrients of the whole plant, and as a result, this tea is more antioxidants and caffeine. Research suggests that there are many benefits to being matched, and here are some of them.

Protects the liver from toxins

The liver plays an important role in cleansing the blood and absorbing nutrients, and the overall functioning of the body depends on its health. Recent laboratory studies have shown that matcha prevents liver and kidney problems. This tea aids in the treatment of diet-related illnesses by increasing naturally occurring enzymes. Analyzing dozens of other studies, scientists also concluded that green tea drinkers have a markedly reduced risk of liver disease.

Helps with weight loss

If you pay attention to the composition of the advertised dietary supplements for weight loss, you can often find green tea extract there. And for a reason. This drink has long been known for promoting weight loss and improving metabolism. Matcha tea has been shown to help you lose weight faster. And during physical exertion, its extract allows you to burn fat 17% more efficiently.

Improves brain activity

A study of the brain activity of 30 volunteers shows that those who include matcha in their diet have improved attention, reaction and memory. This is especially true for the elderly. In addition, matcha contains more caffeine than regular tea, which will help you get energized and invigorated, while L-theanine will prevent a sharp drop in blood caffeine levels and a deterioration in mood.

Contains high levels of antioxidants

The catechins in matcha tea are natural antioxidants that prevent the destruction of healthy cells and reduce the risk of chronic disease. According to some estimates, the amount of catechin EGCG, which prevents the development of cancer and sclerosis, is ten times higher in the match than in other types of green tea, and the way of preparing the match helps to preserve all the nutrients. That is why many experts call matcha the healthiest tea.

Prevents skin aging

Vitamins A, C and K, which are contained in the match, prevent free radicals and protect the skin from damage and environmental damage. In addition, the antioxidants mentioned earlier help this tea to restore already damaged cells, integrating into the structure of the skin.

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