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Should You Drink Lemon Water
Should You Drink Lemon Water

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Photo: @krawzova

For several years now, many nutritionists and wellness influencers have been talking about the benefits of a glass of warm water with lemon. A miracle remedy promises to help in weight loss and detoxification of the body, but is there a real effect of such a drink?

How does lemon water affect skin condition?

Everyone knows that lemon is rich in vitamin C, which, in turn, is very important for the skin. It helps in the production of collagen and protects against the harmful effects of the sun. The positive effect on the skin can also be expressed in the amount of water consumed. And its condition directly depends on the hydrobalance in the body, and the taste of lemon can help you drink more water than usual. However, the effect of skin rejuvenation and cleansing may not please you, because citric acid negatively affects tooth enamel and can significantly impair the color of your smile. Therefore, it will be safer to find vitamin C in other fruits or vegetables.

Does lemon water promote weight loss?

Despite the fact that wellness gurus call lemon an indispensable aid in losing weight, there is no scientific basis for this. There are studies proving the benefits of grapefruit in the fight against extra pounds, but lemon has no direct connection with metabolic rate or weight loss.

Does lemon water really improve digestion?

Again, not good news for lemon lovers. This fruit is not very good for the internal organs. The fact is that outside the body, lemon kills harmful bacteria, but once it gets into the stomach, it can cause a lot of trouble due to its extremely high acid content.

Does lemon water help maintain PH balance?

The answer is again negative. The acidity of a lemon practically coincides with the acidity of your stomach, which means that the lemon cannot have any effect on the pH of the whole organism.

Is lemon water effective against colds?

There is finally some good news here. Lemon juice helps the body fight bacteria, so if you feel an illness is coming, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water. In addition, vitamin C affects the immune system, and during the cold season, you should definitely monitor its level.

Can lemon water flush out toxins?

Here we must start with the fact that so-called "toxins" do not really exist. Improper diet, smoking and drinking in large quantities can trigger the production of free radicals that destroy the body. This is where you need antioxidants, one of which is vitamin C, however, as mentioned earlier, you don't need to look for it in lemon.

Does lemon water really give the body more hydration than regular water?

In fact, in this regard, there is nothing more useful than pure water. Many people are convinced that lemon is rich in electrolytes that help the body absorb H2O. This is partly true, but, unfortunately, they do not give any special advantages.

Can lemon water improve mood and memory?

Experts believe that there is no mechanism by which lemon can affect mood and cognitive function. In this case, the only benefit of lemon is vitamin C, but instead of water with lemon, we advise you to pay attention to fresh vegetables, whole grains, and those rich in healthy fats.

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