Dior Couture Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Collection Review
Dior Couture Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Collection Review

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The fact that a new chapter is being planned in the history of the House was already clear from the setting in which the fresh couture show was taking place. Compared to the scale with which previous Dior Couture shows were unfolded - in pavilions decorated with a couple of thousand flowers or a futuristic installation in the spirit of "Silver Clouds" by Andy Warhol - today, organized at the historic Dior atelier at 30 Avenue Montaigne, looked somewhat modestly. However, this quality is known to be beneficial in most cases, and the new Dior Couture collection is a clear proof of this.

The fashion public has its finger on the pulse as the French Maison are about to announce the name of the new creative director, who is expected to be Valentino's Maria Grazia Chiuri. Moreover, viewers from time to time could catch themselves thinking that the designer may have even had a hand in it (or at least acted as a creative consultant). Unlike the last few collections that the House worked on without a confident leader, this one is many times more verified, confident, largely devoid of unnecessary fuss. It is impossible not to notice Curie's handwriting: laconic floor-length dresses, straight cut, delicate translucency, subtle ethnic quotes, impeccable pants sets. If Dior decided to take a course towards rejuvenation, then the direction indicated today was chosen correctly:things suitable for everyday life (I recall Mona von Bismarck, who even did garden work in Balenciaga shorts) without excessive decorativeness. And while some of the outings still resembled student projects at a design school, the overall verdict for the Dior Couture Fall / Winter 2016/2017 collection is that it's worthy work ahead of big change.

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