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Dior Organizes A Show At Blenheim Palace
Dior Organizes A Show At Blenheim Palace

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The name Christian Dior is strongly associated with French haute couture - he was one of the couturiers to whom she owes her rebirth after the Second World War. A native of Granville was devoted to his native country with all his heart, but in his life there was another great love - England. Dior first visited London in 1926 and was conquered finally and irrevocably: "I adore English traditions, English good manners, architecture and even cuisine!" Dior confessed his love to England in 1938 with the language of fashion, when he invented for his first “employer” - the House of Robert Piguet - a dress made of tweed in a houndstooth (he will often use this material in his own collections) and named it Café Anglais.

Dior returned to London, dear to his heart, in 1947, already in the status of a couturier of his own fashion house. The first Christian Dior collection (which, as you know, at the suggestion of Harper's Bazaar editor Carmel Snow became known as "The New Look"), which had seen the light six months before, made such a splash among the English public that it was decided to organize the second show at the Savoy Hotel in London. And the next day, the royal family requested a separate presentation of the collection from the couturier (Princess Margaret later became a devoted client of the House).


Princess Margaret and Christian Dior on display at Blenheim Palace, 1954

In 1954, Dior once again honored Foggy Albion with his fashion show, this time organized by the Duchess of Marlborough to raise funds for the Red Cross. The action took place in the family estate of the Marlborough family - Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, where Dior arrived accompanied by 14 models and 100 dresses, one of which - La robe Blenheim - created especially for the show. The irony is that the palace was built at the beginning of the 18th century as a sign of Britain's victory over France in the War of the Spanish Succession - and now, two and a half centuries later, a Frenchman came here to conquer the British.

The second time fate brought the fashion house together with the Blenheim Palace in 1958, when the young Yves Saint Laurent was appointed artistic director after the death of the maestro. He also arrived in Oxfordshire at the invitation of the Marlborough couple, and in the collection itself paid tribute to the memory of the great teacher, showing his interpretation of La robe Blenheim.

Yves Saint Laurent and models in London before the show at Blenheim Palace, 1958

Tomorrow, the House of Dior will return to Blenheim Palace with the Resort 2017 collection (Dior and Saint Laurent would surely be surprised to hear of such an outlandish season). However, this time without a designer at the helm: Serge Rufier and Lucy Meyer continue to serve as creative directors here. The reason for the comeback is weighty - a Dior atelier will open in London on Bond Street in June. We will find out very soon whether young designers will support the status of the event with their collection.


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