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Dior Without A Creative Director
Dior Without A Creative Director
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Updated on December 9 at 05.00

Christian Dior has confirmed that the next two collections will be developed by the Maison team. At the next Haute Couture Week, which will be held in Paris from January 24 to 29, she will present new haute couture items, and in March - autumn-winter ready-to-wear. For example, the documentary film "Dior and Me", dedicated to the first couture collection by Raf Simons, demonstrates to the general public the solid composition of designers and seamstresses at the disposal of the Fashion House. At first, they can easily cope without a creative director - there is no need to worry about the future of the House.

October 22, 19.00

Three and a half years, spent by Raf Simons in a leading position in Dior, flew by unnoticed: having replaced Bill Gaitain in April 2012, he remained "in power" much longer than his predecessor, but still did not overshadow the once disgraced John Galliano, who dominated the House until 2011. The designer linked his decision to personal reasons and noted that the spring-summer Dior collection, shown in the courtyard of the Louvre, would be his last.

On the other hand, the news about Simons overshadowed another fashionable permutation that affected Alexander Wang, the House of Balenciaga and its new creative director Demnu Gvasalia. The biggest mystery of the coming days will be the figure of the new head of Dior - it is known that the leadership of the fashion house is actively searching.

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