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7 Streetstyle Photographers To Follow For Fashion Weeks
7 Streetstyle Photographers To Follow For Fashion Weeks

Video: 7 Streetstyle Photographers To Follow For Fashion Weeks

Video: 7 min POV STREET STYLE PHOTOGRAPHY - at Dolce Gabbana Fashion Show MILAN FASHION WEEK 2020 2022, December

Fashion Week kicks off in New York today. She will open a marathon of shows, which will only end on October 3 in Paris. All this month, editors of magazines and sites, buyers, stylists and simply not indifferent will live without sleep and rest, and by the end, coffee instead of blood will flow in their veins. For anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice their health for fashion, but wants to keep abreast of everything, our list of 7 streetstyle photographers - people whose Instagram will show you the most interesting things happening on the streets of New York, Paris, Milan and London.

Adam Katz Sinding - @ le21eme

One of the most famous and popular street style photographers. He travels to all Fashion Weeks and takes pictures of the most beautiful and stylish people on the planet. Subscribe to his Instagram and get the latest chronicles of the latest trends. In addition, Adam, unlike most, rarely takes full-length photographs of guests of shows, more often he takes atmospheric pictures, focusing on details.

Daniel Bruno Grandle - @theurbanspotter

Although he was born in Germany, he now lives and works in London. Check out his Instagram if you want to see what truly fashionable British women look like. During London Fashion Week, you can even settle in his blog - hardly anyone can show the street style from there better than he.

Tommy Ton - @tommyton

By and large, it is Tommy Ton who is responsible for how street style photography looks today. He started taking pictures of fashion people back in 2005. The first in his lens were the residents of his native Toronto. Then there was the shooting of advertising campaigns and access to the world photo stage. The authoritative fashion publication Business of Fashion has included the photographer on the list of people who shape the fashion industry.

Asel - @styledumonde

The first girl on our list. She is the founder of the main street style photography blog in Belgium and a contributor to many glossy magazines. She regularly takes pictures of guests of shows for the main fashion sites of the planet (you have definitely seen her pictures many times).

Scott Schuman - @thesartorialist

Creator of the legendary The Sartorialist, a real encyclopedia of fashionable people, and one of the most influential people in the fashion world. He began his marketing career working with designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Helmut Lang. It was followed by its own showroom and only then - street style photography. Schumann is worth subscribing to in any case: whether you just want to see beautiful photos in the feed or know what is happening with fashion at the moment.

Nabil Kenum - @jaiperdumaveste

You should go here for classic street style photographs: very fashionable, bright and with recognizable characters. During his passion for photography, this Parisian managed to fall in love with many glossy publications and reshoot all models of the planet.

Craig Arend - @altamiranyc

He has been involved in photography for about 10 years. Shoots shows, street style and, of course, for websites and magazines. The most beautiful models, actresses and bloggers get into his lens. Pure water inspiration.

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