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Vitamin C Slows Down Aging
Vitamin C Slows Down Aging

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Anna Vyalitsyna
Anna Vyalitsyna


If earlier women could only dream of delaying aging, now it is quite possible if you make some effort. Everything and even more is already known about the anti-aging properties of collagen (more on this here), but there are other remedies that help preserve youth.

How Vitamin C Works

Vitamin C is one of the few substances that has been clinically proven to be effective against the external signs of aging. According to research, vitamin C catalyzes the body's own collagen production (it slows down after 20 years). Collagen is not for nothing called the protein of youth - it is he who is responsible for the elasticity and hydration of the skin, its natural radiance and the absence of wrinkles. Due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C provides reliable protection of the body against damage by free radicals - they attack body cells, provoke inflammatory reactions, accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Aging is a process that takes place primarily on the inside, not on the outside, so smooth skin is not all you need to take care of. With age, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases significantly, so you should think about their prevention in advance. Regular intake of vitamin C reduces the risk of stroke by 30%, protects the heart muscle and vascular walls.

Decreased brain activity is another sure sign of aging, but in this case vitamin C will help. Due to its structure, the brain is the most easily accessible target for free radicals, therefore it needs reliable protection. Regular intake of vitamin C increases concentration and performance, improves memory and prevents Alzheimer's disease.

Photo: @josefinehj
Photo: @josefinehj

Where to find it

The easiest way is to analyze your diet and add foods rich in vitamin C. Forget about lemons - spinach, kale, strawberries and kiwi contain twice as much vitamin. Also look at rose hips, black currants, and broccoli.

In addition, vitamin C is often taken in the form of dietary supplements. There it is found in an easily assimilated form by the body and is often paired with other vitamins and minerals. The most useful tandem is vitamins C and E. They provide double antioxidant protection of the body and are good at fighting the signs of aging. Remember - to start taking dietary supplements, you must first consult with your doctor.

Vitamin C is also used very actively in cosmetics. Experts do not recommend choosing "complex" products and giving preference to vitamin serum. Apply it after cleansing the skin, but before applying the cream - this will maximize the effect.

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