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5 Foods That Burn Fat
5 Foods That Burn Fat

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It would seem that everything and even more has been said about fat burning. Less carbohydrates, more physical activity, and now, after a month of following the regimen, your belly becomes more prominent, and your legs are toned. But it’s not that simple. In addition to subcutaneous fat, the volume of which is perfectly reduced in the above described way, there are visceral fat deposits. They are located deep under the abdominal muscles and surround the internal organs. We need a small percentage of such adipose tissue for the normal functioning of the body, but its excess can provoke inflammatory processes and even the development of various chronic diseases.

Visceral fat percentage has nothing to do with weight and is often seen in people with low BMI (body mass index). Why it happens? Because the amount of calories that we consumed and burned is responsible for the change in weight, and the foods from which we got these calories are responsible for the quality of the body. This means that with improper nutrition, visceral fat can accumulate in the body without affecting body weight.

Everything is not as scary as it might seem at first glance. There are products, the active substances in which are able to significantly reduce the percentage of visceral fat deposits. Below you will find a list of 5 foods that, if consumed regularly, will help to cope with this problem.


Paradoxically, experts recommend fighting body fat with fats, namely polyunsaturated acids. A great source of this healthy fat is avocado. Plus, the fruit is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and a decent serving of fiber. In addition to fighting visceral fat, avocado helps to normalize heart function, control cholesterol levels, removes excess sodium for the body, and also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair.


And that's healthy fats again. If you are not allergic to nuts, you can literally add them to any meal. They are rich in vegetable protein, omega-3 and -6 acids, vitamin E and magnesium, the lack of which is a common problem in modern humans. Despite their huge benefits, nuts are very high in calories, so it is worth eating them in small quantities.



Lentils are an underrated superfood. It does not contain gluten, it is rich in vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements. This is a fairly versatile, nutritious, satisfying product that, among other things, will help reduce visceral body fat. Lentils are also very useful for the health of the heart, blood vessels and brain.

Whole grains

In an effort to reduce their carbohydrate load as much as possible, many people refuse to eat grains altogether, and in vain. Whole grains are a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and plant protein (see the whole grain guide here). The effectiveness of grains in the fight against visceral fat has been proven by a number of studies. In addition, it is a very nutritious product that will saturate your body with all the necessary substances and relieve hunger for a long time.


And again, we're back to healthy fats. It is not for nothing that salmon has long become the basis of the diet of many adherents of a healthy diet. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, minerals and vitamins E and D. The deficiency of the latter is directly related to the accumulation of visceral fat in both men and women. The active substances in red fish also have a beneficial effect on brain function: they improve cognitive function, increase concentration and memory.


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