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How To Sleep So That There Are No Creases On The Face
How To Sleep So That There Are No Creases On The Face
Video: How To Sleep So That There Are No Creases On The Face
Video: How to Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep (A Tip For Side Sleepers) 2023, February
Photo: @ jelena.marija
Photo: @ jelena.marija

How to determine whether you are sleeping correctly, whether you have sleep wrinkles, and why they differ from mimic wrinkles, will tell the expert of the Beauty Sleep brand, Yulia Khurumova.

Why do we sleep wrong?

The most common mistake is sleeping on your side or stomach. These poses are very comfortable. This is a purely psychological moment, giving a feeling of safety and security, as a result of which the body calms down and you fall asleep. However, these poses turn your night's rest into 6 (or even 8) hours of continuous pressure on the internal organs, stretching and crushing the skin, which in turn provokes morning swelling and creases on the face.

How to know if your wrinkles and swelling are the consequences of poor sleep

The first wrinkles of sleep begin to form in youth - at first they are just creases, which disappear within 2 hours after waking up. After 30-35 years, such creases do not go away and become pronounced wrinkles, and with age they only intensify. That is why it is very important to keep track of how (and most importantly) what you sleep on. The same thing happens with edema - after a long sleep "face in the pillow", when your head and neck are in an unnatural position, lymph outflow is disturbed. And if it cannot circulate correctly, then stagnation occurs in the loose tissues that are located on the face, in particular around the eyes. To make sure your skin is deformed by the wrong pillow, turn on your phone's front camera or put a mirror in front of you. Press down on your face with the palm of your hand, simulating contact with the pillow,- this is what your skin looks like when you sleep. Remember the creases and remove your hand. The creases that remain and there are sleep wrinkles.

How to avoid the appearance of sleep wrinkles and puffiness?

As we mentioned above, the most effective sleep wrinkle prevention is sleeping on your back. Also, this problem can be solved by using the correct anatomical pillow. When choosing bedding, be sure to pay attention to a pillow with a slightly recessed head zone in the center, which will help prolong sleep on the back, as well as special notches along the edges. This is what will help protect the delicate and sensitive skin of the face from squeezing while sleeping on the side or half-stomach, if you are not ready to change your sleeping position. Another important element is a special natural silk pillowcase. Due to its smooth and delicate texture, the material does not leave marks on the skin and reduces friction to zero, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Natural silk is a great helper in the fight against acne, eczema and other dermatological troubles.Also try a weighted blanket filled with glass microbeads. The evenly distributed weighting agents promote the production of hormones serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which relieve stress from the body. As a result, you fall asleep faster, and at night the pressure throughout your body helps you roll over less.

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