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Karl Lagerfeld Made Shupett His Heiress
Karl Lagerfeld Made Shupett His Heiress

Video: Karl Lagerfeld Made Shupett His Heiress

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Video: Карл Лагерфельд кошка Шупетт наследница 2019★Karl Lagerfeld cat Chupett heiress 2019 2023, January

Even during the life of Karl Lagerfeld, his cat Shupett with a snow-white color with a light red undertone became a celebrity. The couturier took care of his pet, dedicated a separate book and several collections of clothes and accessories to her, and started a personal account on Instagram. Kaiser Karl let the cat go to shoot for glossy publications (for Harper's Bazaar they posed together) and allowed her to take part in other advertising campaigns, which, by the way, were quite generously paid.

The other day, sad news spread around the world: Lagerfeld passed away at the age of 85, the creative director of the Chanel House had a heart failure. And now it turned out that Karl definitely bequeathed part of his fortune (it totals about $ 200 million) to Choupette. The designer has previously confirmed this fact in an interview, admitting that the name of the pet appears in the will, although this "does not deprive" his other loved ones.

By the way, an official message related to Lagerfeld's departure has already appeared on Choupette's Instagram page: “I want to thank everyone for their condolences. My heart is broken and I am in mourning. I pray that your kind words and wishes will give me a helping hand and help me survive the loss of Pope Karl Lagerfeld."

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