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How To Boost Immunity
How To Boost Immunity

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The beginning of time

Translated from Latin, the word immunitas means "exemption from obligations" - a beautiful and quite accurate metaphor. “Well, if without allegories, then we are talking about a way to protect the body from all antigenic, or foreign, substances,” explains the therapist, specialist in functional medicine at the Bellefontaine clinic Elena Popelukha. - The biological meaning of such protection is to ensure the genetic integrity of a person throughout his life. And one of the characteristic features of the immune system is the ability to distinguish “ours” from “others”. Immunity depends on heredity and individual experience - past diseases, vaccinations, and so on. Just imagine that our genetic memory contains information about everything that somehow influenced the formation of our genotype!Therefore, when a virus enters the body, immunocompetent cells begin to work to recognize, remember, localize and destroy the antigen. For these purposes, the entire multilayer structure of the immune system is mobilized."

Find and neutralize

And here the question arises: how does the body react to the invasion of the virus? “So, microbes penetrate into the cell, and if we have not previously encountered this virus, the immune system carefully monitors whether everything is in order with it, the cell,” says Dmitry Shilov, Ph.D., doctor - allergist-immunologist of the official Moscow branch of the Israeli hospital Hadassah Medical. - If something unusual happens in it (its structure changes), then the cell of the immune system will certainly detect this and begin to react. She "reports" about the finding to the organs of the immune system and transfers a piece of it to the lymph node, where it is studied even more thoroughly and a defense factor is developed. And only after that a whole army of cells is formed, which kills all infected "colleagues




It is believed that 70-80% of immune cells are found in the intestines and lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity. Why there? “The intestinal surface area is impressive - about 200 m. There are about three kilograms of microbes on it: in addition to friendly bifidobacteria, lacto-eubacteria, there are conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic, viruses, fungi, parasites,” explains Elena Popelukha. - The task of immune cells is not to let all these hordes into the internal environment of the body, that is, into the blood, lymph, tissue fluids. The more pathogens in the body, the more forces and resources the immunity spends on their localization and fight against them, and, accordingly, the less energy we have left.

Non-aggression treaty

So, it all starts with intestinal health, because it is on it that the body's immunity as a whole depends. “The intestinal microbiota actively interacts with the cells of the immune system,” explains Dmitry Shilov. "And, according to preliminary data, there are bacteria that help her to protect the body." Scientists from the United States have established that our body mainly consists not of tissue cells (bone, fat, muscle), but of bacterial cells. And our ability to respond to aggressive aliens from the outside, including viruses, depends on the ratio of “bad” and “good” bacteria in the gut microbiota. “To improve my microbiota, I have long ago included fermented foods in my family's diet,” says Natasha Davydova, fitness blogger and author of #Pressuitelo and Healthy Eating. - The metabiotic Daigo also helps me in this matter. It consists of two active substances:secretion, or waste products of bacteria, and the bodies of bacteria themselves, or cellular material. The secret activates the growth of "native


The right fuel

Recently, we have been talking a lot about diets that help us lose weight or increase muscle mass. But none of the above victories will happen if you do not abandon the habits that destroy the immune system. “Imagine a situation: a person eats any product for breakfast every day (for example, the same citrus fruits), which, in his opinion, increases immunity,” muses Anna Makarova, a nutritionist and weight correction expert. - But at the same time he smokes, drinks alcohol every day and leads a sedentary lifestyle … Will there be any sense from a couple of tangerines? Of course not. Therefore, to begin with, we will try to overcome bad habits and only then proceed to nutrition. And here I would single out the protein group: lean meats, poultry, fish and seafood. After all, it is proteins that form antibodies in the body that resist infections. "“The protective function of proteins is one of the most important,” adds Sofya Pakhomova, dermatologist at the Remedy Lab clinic. - If a little of them comes from food, the immune system cannot work adequately. And this will affect the health in general, and the condition of the skin in particular. " Natasha Davydova also shared her list of products that help improve health without harming the figure. In addition to the already mentioned sauerkraut, it contains, for example, wild fatty fish. “It is believed that getting enough omega-3 fatty acids, which it is rich in, has a positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system and is essential for a healthy pregnancy. They are directly linked to the reduction of arthritis, depression, and the restoration of the gut, which is responsible for immunity. Two to three servings per week are best. Be sure to drink green tea:There are studies that confirm that drinking one cup a day for a long time helps to repair cell DNA. The amount of vitamin C is off scale in fresh ginger. Plus, its beneficial coarse fibers are a great way to support your gut microbiota. Finally, turmeric. Since ancient times, it has been used as a natural preservative and antibiotic. It is rich in phosphorus, iron, iodine, calcium, choline, as well as vitamins B, C and K. I add it to salads, cheese cakes and drinks. "Since ancient times, it has been used as a natural preservative and antibiotic. It is rich in phosphorus, iron, iodine, calcium, choline, as well as vitamins B, C and K. I add it to salads, cheese cakes and drinks.


Got something to add

Sports doctor, neurosurgeon and co-founder of the Bioniq brand, Konstantin Karuzin, is sure: you cannot do without taking vitamins, because it is almost impossible to get all the necessary nutrients from food alone. “If your body has already had a malfunction: you began to notice that you get tired earlier than usual, you get irritated more often, you constantly feel sleepy, - analyze your lifestyle,” he recommends. - Vitamin C is suitable as an ambulance: it helps maintain the immune system and neutralize free radicals. For the functioning of the thymus gland (thymus) - the main organ of the immune system that produces T-lymphocytes necessary to destroy bacteria and viruses - it would be good to take zinc (the one in the plates is best absorbed). Vitamin D intake is also very important.” All other trace elements, of course, are also needed.But you should not prescribe them yourself: it is better to take a blood test, which will show what exactly you are missing.

Breathing deeper

As you know, stress and anxiety disorders have a detrimental effect on the immune system. “Constriction in the solar plexus, tension in the shoulders, clenched jaws, shortness of breath are all warning signs that cannot be ignored,” lists the symptoms of Jose Lopez, medical director at Clinique La Prairie. - Finding a healthy balance of body and mind is necessary to protect the body and keep all of its systems running smoothly. Breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques are indeed fundamental steps in disease prevention. Massage, yoga and sophrology courses effectively relieve stress."



Semantic load

Not all workouts are equally beneficial for the body. And some may even do him a disservice. “If your goal is not only excellent physical shape, but also strong immunity, choose activities that do not lead to an excessive increase in heart rate and an increase in body temperature,” advises Anna Efremkina, top trainer at Let's Do Pilates studio. - For example, it is better to abandon Bikram yoga in favor of the usual one, since a humid environment is favorable for the growth of bacteria. As for the pulse, it should not be higher than 110-120 beats per minute. Unfortunately, strenuous activities such as triathlon, marathon running, and even crossfit and boxing can weaken and in some cases undermine immunity. But jirotonics, jirokinesis (chair gymnastics), Pilates and yoga increase it,and they also help to calm down thanks to special breathing techniques. Of course, outdoor activities are also a priority. " Anna Makarova agrees with her. “The loads should be adequate, without fanaticism and self-torture,” she says, and adds: “Pay attention to strength training. They are basic for both women and men, as they support the muscle mass of the body, which means that they speed up all metabolic processes, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on immunity. "which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on immunity. "which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on immunity.

Sleep science

We have been told since childhood that sleep is the best medicine. Konstantin Karuzin explains this from a scientific point of view. “It is sleep that increases the efficiency of T-lymphocytes, which are responsible for destroying damaged cells in our body,” he says. “When a person sleeps, they systematize and remember information about the“alien agents”they encountered during the day, and thanks to this, they can subsequently identify and neutralize them. Sleep disorders lead to the fact that the immune memory is formed incorrectly. T cells are mistaken when recognizing disease-causing particles, which means that the risk of getting sick increases."

As you can see, there are no supernatural secrets to health and longevity. After all, all ingenious, as you know, is very simple.

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