Performa 15 In New York
Performa 15 In New York

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The Performa 15 Biennale in New York was celebrated at the Byzantine Church of St. Barts on Park Avenue: The Fortuna Disperata, featuring David Holberg, kicked off a three-week marathon of productions that will run across the city. A brilliant start was given by the Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli, known not only for his extraordinary art, but also for the crazy idea of ​​transporting fragments of an old church from Montorgiano commune directly to Manhattan, to the courtyard of MoMA PS1. Although the Italian authorities gave this idea a red light, Vezzoli calmly continued to move in a direction close to him: everyone who attended the opening of Performa 15 was able to see this. Vezzoli.It was "really challenging and interesting" both for himself and for David Holberg, who first mastered the dance style used in the 48-minute Fortuna Desperata. “Renaissance social dances took shape about a century before the foundations of classical choreography were laid,” said the artist. "I am really fascinated by how these movements later turned into ballet."

The balance between the medieval and the modern was found, and Fabio Zambernardi, the pride of the Prada House, undertook to design it. For David Holberg, he made a lush costume in a pseudo-Renaissance aesthetic: while its appearance corresponded to historical standards, the materials used were ultra-modern. The garment, completely handcrafted, combines wool, duchess, crinoline and embroidery with stones and crystals.


After the performance, many guests went to a private dinner at The Four Seasons Restaurant, where in a narrow international circle everyone continued to communicate until late at night. Now, Performa 15 viewers will see performances by about 30 artists from 12 countries who combine visual art, music, dance, poetry, cinema and architecture in their work. The most interesting events that will be scattered throughout New York from November 1 to 22 can be followed on the official website of the Biennale. The final of the show will be an event at the Hôtel Americano, at which the author of the best project from this year's program will be named on November 22.

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