Royal Treasures: Damiani Jewelry Novelties
Royal Treasures: Damiani Jewelry Novelties

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The Italian Jewelry House has prepared a surprise for connoisseurs of luxury: in collaboration with a direct descendant of the imperial family, an actress and model with a Parisian Parsons diploma, Nicoletta Romanoff, he released two collections of jewelry - Fiocco and Fiori d'Arancio. Designed in the best Baroque tradition, Damiani was inspired by mystical and beautiful pieces from the treasures of the royal family. Fiori d'Arancio's leitmotif is fragile orange blossoms: their stylized version shines with translucent diamonds, like drops of morning dew. The collection also contains items made of white and rose gold, decorated with pearls. The choice of her theme was influenced by history: at the wedding ceremony of Nicoletta's grandfather, Grand Duke Nicholas,the head of his bride, the Italian countess Sueva della Gherardeschi, was adorned with a tiara with a scattering of orange blossom flowers, symbolizing purity and superiority.

Fiocco products will appeal to both young girls and women who appreciate subtle irony: on each product from this collection, a delicate bow studded with diamonds takes pride of place. Damiani jewelers also chose this symbol for a reason: it was the bow that signified inseparable bonds that served as the leading motif of the jewelry treasures of the Romanov family.

Particular attention should be paid to the Sveva tiara with "buds" in white gold, named after Nicoletta Romanoff's grandmother. This piece, which is part of the Fiori d'Arancio collection, took six months to complete, and more than 4,500 diamonds and almost 500 grams of pure gold were required to create it. Once in Stoleshnikov Lane, do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying on a luxurious tiara and other jewelry worthy of being close to the royal court: new items are already available in the Damiani boutique.

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