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Giovanna Battaglia: "It's Better Not To Joke With Russian Women - It Will Be More Expensive"
Giovanna Battaglia: "It's Better Not To Joke With Russian Women - It Will Be More Expensive"
Video: Giovanna Battaglia: "It's Better Not To Joke With Russian Women - It Will Be More Expensive"
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If you even periodically look at the reports of streetstyle-chronicles from fashion weeks, you should know this woman by sight. A height that any model would envy, jet black hair and a profile worthy of Bronzino's portrait. Giovanna Battaglia is a stylist, freelance fashion editor for W magazine, creative director of New York cabaret Queen of the Night, and the right hand of female legend Anna Dello Russo. She also seems to be the only streetstyle heroine who has never worn anything from Vetements.

Giovanna arrived in Moscow at the invitation of the creative director of TSUM Natalia Goldenberg - the Italian was instructed to conduct shopping sessions with VIP clients of the main fashionable department store of the capital. We meet with the heroine on the eve of a cocktail in her honor - Giovanna is just finishing a session of style lessons with Maria Bogdanovich and comes out to us. Despite the whole day spent at work, there is not a single sign of fatigue on Giovanna's face or demeanor: this is what professionalism means. She is so confident in herself that it knocks off her feet, speaks politely, but her piercing gaze betrays her hot Italian temperament. She has no more than 10 minutes to change clothes, freshen her makeup and chat with us - however, multitasking has always been one of Giovanna's strengths.


You came to Moscow at the invitation of TSUM to conduct shopping sessions with its clients. What surprised you the most about Russian women?

You are really very good at fashion, I mean the practical side of it. Russian women can unmistakably determine how well a thing is done at a glance. And also, it seems to me that you do not particularly follow trends, you have a clear idea of ​​what brands and things you like. It's better not to joke with Russian women - it will be more expensive.

In terms of style, what distinguishes Russian girls from the rest?

Love for glamor.

You started your career as a model with Dolce & Gabbana and then became a stylist. Why did you decide to change your profession?

The fact is that I started working as a model in order to then become a stylist. To be honest, I never really wanted to be a model and soberly evaluated my abilities in this field. In my youth, I knew that there is such a profession - to be a model, and that's it. I did not understand what place I could take in the fashion industry, because at that time, in fact, the profession of a stylist did not exist as such. I just imagined what I wanted to do, and gradually took steps towards it.

That is, it all came together quite naturally?

Yes, although I can't say it was easy.

It's better not to joke with Russian women - it will be more expensive


You already have a well-established style and your own ideas about how you want to look. What influenced them?

Many things. Old films, books, famous women - but I can't single out one. I love Rihanna and her bad girl image, it really suits her. Of course, I like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren of the 1960s, and indeed the film stars of that era. But I can't say that I have any specific style icon that I am guided by.

Then the question is - what is your favorite movie in terms of style?

"Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor in the title role. In it, she changes outfits 10 times! Next time you watch or revisit this movie, notice that in nearly three hours of screen time, Taylor changes clothes every 20-30 minutes. Moreover, these are not always outfits that refer to Ancient Egypt, in the stage wardrobe of the actress there are also many dresses in the spirit of the 1950s. But you do not pay attention to historical accuracy, so you are mesmerized by the beauty of Taylor herself.

Do you remember the first time you hit the lenses of streetstyle photographers?

Oh sure. I was 22 years old, that is, it was more than 10 years ago. I went to my first show in my life. It was 2002, and among streetstyle photographers there were only Japanese, and with them - journalists who recorded the brands in which you are wearing. Some of these people still work in fashion weeks. I remember how one of the photographers suggested that I be photographed for a magazine … I don't remember the name, it seems like something like The Hit. So, the Japanese were just obsessed with street style, but they only collected it during Paris Fashion Week. Then they were joined by other photographers, whose names are now well known to all of us. By the way, the first person who caught me outside Paris was Scott Schuman for his blog The Sartorialist. He still remembers our first meeting and even what I was wearing.

Not so long ago, one reputable magazine impartially spoke about fashion bloggers, accusing them of not doing anything except walking around borrowed from brands things …

This opinion was expressed not only by the editors of the magazine, but also by some retailers.

Which side are you on in this dispute?

You know, in a good way, I don't have to answer this question. The press regularly blames people who are not professional journalists for their mistakes and incompetence. But the point is, it’s foolish to try to beat time. If you're having trouble selling, it's not the bloggers' fault. I do not take all these statements personally, because I do not consider myself a blogger: I have never specially dressed up to be photographed at the entrance to shows. I always dressed brightly, just before I was asked to pose for street style. The things that brands give me to “walk” during fashion weeks are 10% of what I wear. So I don't care about such accusations, but it seems to me that this whole situation does not make the industry in the best light. Arranging such polemics is complete nonsense.You cannot turn back the clock and resist new ways of communicating between brands and their customers.

You can only accept them

That's right, accept or quit the race.

Fashion is a tool that helps us enjoy life.


What's the best style advice you've ever received?

It may sound trite, but this is really the best advice: be yourself as much as possible, don't be afraid to express yourself and wear what you like, even if it looks wild. Fashion is a tool that helps us enjoy life.

And the last question. I noticed that during fashion weeks, you almost always wear heels - don't you get tired?

Oh, but I don't walk that much time. I move between shows by car, and while I am driving, I change into something more comfortable.

Ah, that's the secret

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