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7 Rules Of Kate Middleton's Style
7 Rules Of Kate Middleton's Style

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Solid and classic

Kate Middleton hasn't always been a style icon. Moreover, it has undergone a significant evolution: from comfortable clothing, it moved on to elegant dresses and skirts. Now the Duchess of Cambridge most often chooses classic outfits with a minimum of decorative details. She loves clean and bright colors: all shades of blue, red, green, purple … Kate relies on them, and her image only wins.

Minimalism in accessories

Kate Middleton prefers a minimum of accessories and wears massive jewelry on rare occasions. She complements her images with neat earrings, laconic watches, belts at the waist. As they say in the UK, less is more - less is more. In her hands, as a rule, miniature clutches. For a special occasion, Kate can wear a sophisticated hat.


Sheath dresses and pencil skirts

For formal occasions, Kate chooses sophisticated and feminine pieces, usually opting for closed sheath dresses or pencil skirts paired with a shirt and jacket.

Expensive and democratic

Kate Middleton cannot be blamed for wearing only premium brands. Not at all, she sets an example of impeccable handling of mass-market products. Kate skillfully combines the products of the leading fashion houses with the finds found in the collections of democratic brands (for example, with cardigans in a nautical style or with simple jeans), and looks great.

Latest trends

Etiquette dictates many rules to the Duchess of Cambridge. Let Kate choose clothes with some caution, her appearances show that she is up to date with the latest trends. Take only one black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Focus on styling

Sloppy hairstyles are in fashion, but Kate follows her own style: her hair is always neatly styled. However, some conservatism does not mean that Middleton does not experiment at all: in the summer she surprised her subjects with an elongated bang.

Love for boats

Pumps are real classics! It is worth complementing any outfit with them - and now you already look more elegant and slimmer. Kate Middleton knows this very well and selects boats of the right color for each exit. Indeed, despite the rather conservative look, they emphasize the beauty of the legs and help to always stay on top.

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