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Things To Do In Milan During Fashion Week
Things To Do In Milan During Fashion Week

Video: Things To Do In Milan During Fashion Week

Video: Things To Do In Milan During Fashion Week
Video: Milan Fashion Week Experience / Things to do in Milan 2023, June

I hate to sound like a fan, but I have to say: Milan has finally found something that makes him truly multicultural, attractive and full of vitality that will provide him with a bright future. There is no doubt that EXPO 2015 has helped this awakening. Giuseppe Sala, who is in charge of this event, has achieved such popularity that some even predict the post of mayor of the city. The popularity of such a topic as gastronomy has led to the opening of an insane number of new establishments, perhaps even excessive. In Italy, in recent years, the world of food has literally "swallowed" everything around: chefs are becoming the new idols of a country that has remembered its most famous and strongest side, apart from art, history, fashion and football.

In Milan, all business issues are handled in attractive, luxurious locations: from the famous "fashion quarter" to the increasingly popular Isola quarter, which stretches under the shadow of Piazza Gae Aulenti, from the newly reborn Navigli to Porta Romana. The symbiosis of fashion and food is quite real: LVMH has owned the famous Cova pastry shop in Via Montenapoleone for a couple of years, and since September it has been competing with the second Pasticceria Marchesi, which is owned by the House of Prada and is located on the same street just a few meters away. This is a real challenge to the world of the wrong croissants and quick meals. However, I want to share a list of places that I and my friends in the fashion, restaurant and television industries like. Among countless shows, presentations and parties,that fill the city during Milan Fashion Week, we have a wide choice: I suggest starting a long and delicious journey right now.


Pasticceria Marchesi


I've already talked about Cova and Marchesi. There, as well as the pastry shops Cucchi on Corso Genova, Bastianello on Via Borgonia and Sissi on Renaissance Square, sooner or later you should definitely look for a croissant. For many years I have been eating a slice of tuna focacci for breakfast at Cucchi, and I often go to Bastianello for delicious organic blueberry juice produced by a small company in Piacenza, Giorgio Armani's homeland. At Emporio Armani Caffè in Red Cross Square, I take wonderful fresh juices. Now, however, my favorite places are a little less like Milan and a little more like New York and San Francisco: adorable coffee shops perfect for breakfasts, including business breakfasts, snacks, lunches and even aperitifs. Believe me, there are many of them!

Milan journalist Federico Buffa once told me about a Sunday brunch at Isa e Vane in Via Perugino, and I went there and immediately fell in love with the little sofa. It's worth working with your elbows for him: everyone wants to keep him busy! Once done, order the veggie brunch - well worth it.

The Davide Longoni bakery in Via Tiraboschi near Porta Romana, which recently also serves the Santa Maria del Suffragio market, will win your heart at first sight. Here you can taste not only the best bread in town, but also the most delicious croissant in your life without eggs. On Via Pastrengo, in the Isola quarter, the restaurant Les Pommes is a luxurious place. Entering here, it is as if you are in a Parisian bistro: eggs Benedict are cooked here, perhaps the best in the city. However, the question "Where are the best breakfasts prepared?" has been taking all my friends for a while now. Maybe at the Pavè Patisserie on Via Felice Casati? May be. The owners are encouraged to come by bike, the ingredients are of the highest quality, and the pastry shop is open to the public. Come here for the jelly with the original name "160


Les pommes


Before evening, between brunch and the fashion show, it is worth carving out time to meet the beautiful. Especially if Milan is hosting the first major retrospective of Herb Ritz, which just a few days ago opened in Palazzo della Ragione. If symbolism is your thing, the royal palace houses 150 delightful works by various authors, among which we would like to mention especially Max Klinger, Giovanni Segantini and Gustave Moreau. The Triennale Museum hosts the final days of an exhibition dedicated to iconic brands, the greatest designers of Italian fashion and, in particular, Elio Fiorucci, who left our world a few months ago. At the Fabbrica del Vapore complex on Via Procaccini, you will have an unforgettable experience with the "Virtual Tour of the Uffizi" - a digital guided tour,which will allow in a completely new format to admire such works of art as "Madonna Enthroned


Herb Ritz. “Stephanie, Cindy, Christie, Tatiana, Naomi”, 1989.

A glass of wine and more

I invite you to have a glass of wine before dinner, although I usually do not limit myself to one. Next to the only vodka bar in town called Pravda is the La Cieca liquor store. Play the game: you take a glass “blindly”, and if you can guess what kind of wine it is, don’t pay. The Cantine Isola restaurant on Via Paolo Sarpi is the ancestor of all wine shops in Milan: here you can have a glass in the pleasant company of a huge number of happy people, and then walk a few steps to Otto. This is the number of a house that houses one of the few modern restaurants. It is worth going there, if only because they don't have "happy hours". And they do a good job of explaining why: there are no fixed prices and low-end canteen-level food, but there is consistently fresh food for two.

Right behind the Gae Aulenti square is the Ratanà restaurant, where you can drop in for a quick snack or a full dinner. My friend Alessandro Misani runs the Me Milan in Piazza della Repubblica and The Yard in Piazza 24 May: perfect places to have a cocktail before or after dinner. If you're looking for an easy win, head to Mandarin Bar, the cocktail bar of the epic Mandarin Oriental in Via Andegari, and for dinner, the Michelin-starred Seta Restaurant.


The biggest secrets

Where to take you after dinner? Certainly not in "usual" places. The list is long and truly worthwhile. It opens with a restaurant Trattoria Piccolo Fumino - a romantic place where you can taste the best fish in Milan. It is located near the Alcatraz nightclub on Via Valtellina. There are few tables here and they are chic. The Capra e Cavoli restaurant in the Isola quarter is a vegetarian place that has enjoyed great popularity lately, and for good reason. If you want to taste the masterpieces of Japanese cuisine performed by Yoko Matsuda, be sure to book a table (of which, by the way, there are only 20) at Yuzu on Via Lazzaro Papi. You will not regret.

If you are a pizza lover, head to the Lievità Pizzeria in Via Ravizza, where Corriere della Sera thinks it is better prepared than anywhere else in Milan. A few steps from there, on the neighboring street Marghera, there is an excellent restaurant Essenza. I advise meat eaters to go there for a langette a la Rossini, and vegetarians for artichokes, and both for excellent wines. On Via Salasco, near the Roman Gate, is Rosalba Piccini's Potafiori restaurant, renowned for its atmosphere and excellent cuisine. A romantic, sophisticated and stylish place. Jamie Pesak brought his passion for Peruvian and Oriental cuisine to the Pacifico restaurant in the Brera quarter (at the intersection of Via San Marco and Via Moscova). For over 500 years, Peru has had a strong Eastern influence. Jamie takes his mission to spread Peruvian cuisine and culture very seriously,seasoned with oriental "spices". You should come here for a dish called Ceviche, Asian or mixed.

For an amazing fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine, head to Eji Tokuoshi, a Michelin star who came to Milan after spending nine years with Massimo Bottura at the Osteria Francescana tavern. At his place on Via Calochero, I recommend choosing the Italy meets Japan menu for € 90 - it's delicious! Vicky Priyan, Corso Italia, is also an unforgettable experience with stunning design and a menu full of surprises that will take you to Bali in a wonderful way. There is no Mexican restaurant better or more original than the Mercato Taco Bar on Via Casale in the Navigli quarter, not far from Langosteria 10, where Milan's best spaghetti and fish are prepared. If you love eating meat, I recommend Carnicero in Via Spartaco, 31, an Argentinean restaurant very popular with celebrities.

There is no Mexican restaurant better or more original than the Mercato Taco Bar on Via Casale in the Navigli quarter, not far from Langosteria 10, where Milan's best spaghetti and fish are prepared. If you love eating meat, I recommend Carnicero at 31 Via Spartaco, an Argentinean restaurant very popular with celebrities.



Last meeting

Bartenders from MagCafè on the waterfront near the Ticinese gate came up with the idea to create an iconic place called Backdoor 43, you can get there only by appointment, together. You get the bartender at your own disposal, but the stay is limited to two hours. You will be offered five types of cocktails and an impressive collection of whiskey. The menu changes every month, but it should be noted that this is where the best "Moscow mule" in town is served. To register and book, please call the phone number indicated by the organizers and wait for your turn.

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