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Daria Charusha: "There Are So Many Wonderful Things Happening Around!"
Daria Charusha: "There Are So Many Wonderful Things Happening Around!"

A few days ago, the thriller "Hardcore" with her participation was released on the big screens, and in May the girl will present her debut album. Harper's Bazaar learned from Daria how she manages to combine her musical and acting career - and which path is still more difficult.

Dasha, you are both a talented actress and a wonderful musician. In all honesty, you can say what is closer to you, what you like more?

- Thank you very much, very nice to hear such words! As for which one is closer … It is difficult to answer, because I absolutely sincerely like both. And the mechanisms responsible for the result in these two directions are different. Perhaps the acting profession is a story about the ego (which is not bad at all, of course!), While music is more about “listening to yourself” and looking inside. It's quieter there somehow.

After the release of the track "Cosmos", many began to compare you with Lana del Rey. Are there any musicians that you yourself would like to look up to?

- I like the impressionists of the beginning of the last century: Sergei Rachmaninov, Claude Debussy … I love Ennio Morricone and Philip Glass, Amy Winehouse, no doubt, Lana del Rey, Nick Cave, young Kylie Minogue, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson - the list is endless, fame God, there is enough good music. I usually listen to it on my Microsoft Lumia: I store my favorite songs on the almost limitless "cloud" that comes with Office.

Do you think Russian musicians have the prospect of reaching a radically new level? Many people note the progress of the domestic industry in recent years …

- I cannot make such grandiose forecasts. It seems to me that there is always a perspective. Those who say otherwise are vicious whoopers. You just need to more actively support the artists, engage in their education, and everything will be fine. I'm sure. Further - a matter of time.


The clothes are Daria's property.

Remember the moment when you first realized that you were successful and famous?

- Oh! I really hope this moment is still ahead (smiles).

In one of your interviews, you said that you always take part only in those projects that you sincerely like and bring joy. There are no exceptions to this rule?

- Now it definitely doesn’t happen, too sorry for the time.

Are you in a bad mood? What's the most effective way to deal with it?

- I think that there is a way out of any situation while you are alive - and this is the bestt. We must be grateful.

How would you describe your style of dress?

- Oh, believe it or not, I just do not have a function that is responsible for outfits. For help before important events, I usually turn to Ana Kudevich. She is a fantastic stylist and a true artist.

Microsoft Lumia 950 smartphone, clothes owned by Daria.

You are a fairly active user of social networks. Tell me, do you use the same Instagram for your soul, or do you still consider it as a powerful PR tool?

- Instagram is cool. I post photos that I like or suit my mood. I think that we must, of course, get together and make it more workable. Fortunately, there are all the possibilities for this! The smartphone is always at my fingertips: the camera of my Microsoft Lumia takes excellent pictures even in the twilight and on the run - moreover, if I used the flash and suddenly realized that it was better without it, then I can completely “turn it off” in the already finished frame!

Which industry do you think is tougher - music or acting?

- I think that she is tough only at the moment when you are trying to take someone else's place and do not trust your fate. In other cases, it is a wonderful, different, not always simple life, but always giving you a chance.

It is banal, but very interesting: what are your plans for the coming year?

- ABOUT! Every time I talk about the release of an album, my friend Ravshana rolls his eyes (laughs). The fact is that I have had it for two years now, even some amazing videos have been shot - but somehow it didn’t work out. And now it is already known for sure that the album will be released at the end of May, very soon! And my friends and I are preparing a project that we will shoot in early autumn - the rest is still a secret. In general, you know, so many beautiful things are happening around. I just want not to miss life itself. We will never be the same as here and now. When you realize this, you begin to appreciate the main thing - love, family, friends.

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