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Alexander Siradekian: "I Am Not Afraid Of Difficulties!"
Alexander Siradekian: "I Am Not Afraid Of Difficulties!"

Video: Alexander Siradekian: "I Am Not Afraid Of Difficulties!"

Video: Alexander Siradekian: "I Am Not Afraid Of Difficulties!"
Video: I am not afraid(The tribute to Rock Jonson) 2023, December

Harper's Bazaar met with the designer and found out what is the secret of his international success and such desperate courage

Alexander, the first question is the most general and at the same time the most important. Why shoes?

- I have been friends with shoes since childhood! I came up with my first pair when I was only six years old. I remember my grandmother, with whom I spent a lot of time, decided to pamper herself with new shoes. The only thing left was to decide on a model and set a task for a shoe atelier. And then I felt that I was ready and that I would succeed. I diligently made sketches, and it was on them that the masters worked as a result. Of course, I was very worried - but my grandmother was satisfied!

The Fresh Art project also started with shoes …

- Yes. Our first pairs were made by hand in Tbilisi, in the workshop of my friends - the work was very painstaking, but, unfortunately, not everyone could afford such shoes. As a result, we launched a more democratic line with one of the famous brands … I continued to create sketches, but they all went, as they say, “on the shelf”, because the shoe production process is very complicated - there was always a desire, but there was not enough time! And only 16 years later, I finally realized that I was ready for free swimming and launching my own brand!


Microsoft Lumia 950 XL smartphone, clothing owned by Alexander.

Have you ever regretted this decision of yours?

- I do not think that I need to regret anything. After all, I did not switch to a new and uninteresting sphere for me. I belong to myself and do what I get enormous pleasure from! It seems to me that everything goes on as usual and happens exactly at the moment when a person is ready for it. So, on the contrary, every day I thank fate for thist. And difficulties do not scare me at all - it only becomes more interesting!

In one of your interviews, you mentioned that there is no “shoe culture” in our country. Did you mean only manufacturers? Or does this also apply to buyers?

- No, I just meant production. You see, I wanted to choose the best production and expand the boundaries not only of making, but also distributing my shoes. So one day I bought tickets to Italy for myself, my wife and my child, and together we went for new adventures (laughs). Of course, I had some experience, but I nevertheless decided to add firsthand knowledge: it was important for me how the Italians approach the production of shoes. Quite often I had to face surprise from manufacturers, they say, how so - an unknown boy from Moscow decided to launch his own brand? And nevertheless, I continued to believe that I would find "my" factory, knocking on closed doors for a long time and persistently. At some point, the door opened and the rumor that Alexander russo stilisto has the right to call himself a shoe designer,scattered across all major manufacturers. Yes, we are still very young and cannot compete with large fashion empires, but we believe in our project, do not stand still and are constantly developing. For the sixth season, we have been increasing not only the circulation, but also the line of the product itself, a month ago in Paris they showed a seasonal collection, which included more than 50 models of women's and children's shoes, at the request of fans, we launched a line of bags …

Just a month ago, they presented their debut haute couture collection in Paris. Launching such a line in the midst of the global crisis is a very bold decision. How did you venture on it?

- Last year we created a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes in support of the Cinderella movie - Disney invited five global brands to participate, and only we represented Russia. It was especially nice! Everyone liked the shoes, and I began to receive a lot of orders from different countries. I was not enough for all of them, I had to refuse. One of the rare exceptions I made was for a Saudi Arabian client who asked to create an entire collection for his daughter. Can you imagine what a painstaking work it is? To produce one pair of "bare" boats, 14 different factories must be involved - this is a very laborious cycle of work that must be constantly monitored and preferably personally. Nevertheless, the difficulties did not scare me, and in the end I decided to launch a separate couture line, which we presented in the Parisian boutique Les Suites.

What is the most risky thing in your life?

- Do and regret or regret not done? For me this is a very difficult question … For me, risk is the same as desire. To get the result, you have to go to your dream every day, step by step, gradually getting those little “daily” desires - and this is a great joy! Personally, I want to make the world more beautiful and kinder, and people happier, even for a second. So I dream very broadly, probably this is my risk.

Which shoe designer do you look up to? Who is your main idol?

- I am not limited only to shoe brands, there are many talented craftsmen, and they all deserve respect and admiration. But I will not be able to single out someone alone, each of my idols has something to learn. And you know, I am very happy that I can also inspire the greats with my work: it seems to me that some elements of the concept of our brand have already become a trend on world catwalks!

The clothes are Alexander's property.

You are not only a very talented designer, but also the father of a beautiful daughter. How do you manage to find time for your family?

- This is one of the reasons why I like to belong to myself so much - no problems with the work schedule, you can always arrange the process in such a way as to devote sufficient time to the family. Emanuel is a very smart girl: she studies at school, goes to music and English … And she also follows my work with great pleasure: the child has traveled with us to factories since childhood!

Are you constantly at work with your thoughts? Or do you manage to switch?

- I don't have to switch! Family and friends are always there! I am really in the process of creativity all the time, I am constantly drawing, looking for inspiration, photographing … My smartphone Microsoft Lumia 950 XL helps me a lot in this regard: it has an excellent camera! I also started using OneNote, which is where I usually write down my plans and projects for the near future.

Have you ever had a creative crisis? How did you deal with it?

Of course it did. Did you know, for example, that the Chinese word for "crisis" consists of two characters: the first means "danger", the second means "opportunity"? So, I'm on the second part: in a crisis I try to open up new boundaries of talent and my capabilities!

What do you consider to be your main professional achievement?

- It's hard to say … I’ll probably answer this way: as a creative person, it is incredibly pleasant for me to realize that my work is in demand! Our collections are highly appreciated by major stores around the world. Customers also love our product, buy it and happily “walk” it. And this is very cool!

Can you remember the best advice you've ever been given?

- I was lucky to be friends with the great Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko. Once we were drinking tea at her house, talking about our projects and she said to me: "Remember, success is not forgiven."

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