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Dmitry Zotov: “I Want To Open My Own Restaurant In Every Metropolis Of The World”
Dmitry Zotov: “I Want To Open My Own Restaurant In Every Metropolis Of The World”

Video: Dmitry Zotov: “I Want To Open My Own Restaurant In Every Metropolis Of The World”

Video: i opened my own restaurant across the entire world! 2022, December

Restaurants Zotman Pizza Pie, Wing or Leg, Haggis Pub & Kitchen and Madame Wong - Dima Zotov's latest project, no doubt, is on the lists of the best places in the capital where you can have a pleasant and, most importantly, delicious time. Together with the restaurateur, we recall the paths he followed to a brighter future.

You were appointed head of the kitchen at the age of 21. Was it difficult to occupy such a serious position when you were very young?

In fact, I was then 20. The manager said: "Dim, let's tell everyone that you are 21. To make you even a little older." It was hard - the first experience, the age barrier, everyone around was older. Plus it so happened that many began to quit. It was hard, the five of us stayed and pulled the whole institution on ourselves.

What was this place?

Cafe "Plate" on Gogolevsky Boulevard. Where else was the movie "Boomer" filmed, remember? After I was invited to the Pavilion at the Patriarch's. Then I was already 21 years old.

You are a brilliant chef. Nevertheless, have you had professional failures in your career?

There is always a feeling that you cannot do anything: lead, come up with new dishes. Of course, hands dropped. But you need to overcome yourself, and everything will work out.

When did you first get into professional kitchen?

I was 15. And it was the TsDL restaurant. I went there twice a week for practice. Free practice.

You have several restaurants of your own. Are you primarily a businessman or a creator?

No, I'm a bad businessman! I have partners everywhere and there is a division, who does what. I create more.


Sweater, Ralph Lauren; smartphone, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

Do you have a signature dish?

I do not have that. I don't eat my food at all. I taste it, but I don't eat it. Too much energy is taken up by its creation. It gives me more pleasure to go to another restaurant, the cuisine of which I do not know. In order not to find fault with the execution. My favorite is khinkali with well-molded khinkali with delicious minced meat. I love the Korean "White Crane" and the Chinese "Friendship

Are you friends with other chefs?

Of course, for example, we constantly travel home to William Lamberti in Italy. We are also friends with Volodya Mukhin and Dima Shurshakov. A smartphone helps a lot in our rhythm: there are friends, and he is my best friend (laughs). Calls, mail, Facebook, Instagram. I don't even understand how we lived before!

So you are always “on the phone”?

Yes, but for me this is not fun: I keep track of who is going on, promote my restaurants, even work with e-mail on vacation. I actively use WhatsApp and other instant messengers. A huge plus of my Lumia is the interface with "live tiles": I see all my mail accounts at once, with the first lines of messages. I can create a tile like this for any app or contact - everyone I talk to most. I can instantly see all messages, sms, posts in social networks and calls - constantly "monitor" a lot of information flows. Insanely effective!


Sweater, Ralph Lauren; smartphone, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

What is your main motivation at work?

To do what would be interesting for me and people. If someone opens a new project, this is an incentive for me to do something new. "Dvizhuha" is what motivates!

The question is trivial, but nevertheless: what is the secret of a successful restaurant? One that would stand out from thousands of others?

Once Arkady Novikov said: “A restaurant is a pure profanation. He may or may not go. There are many factors influencing success: location, concept, average score, cuisine, and so on. " There is no one size fits all formula. It happens that people from the bulldozer open restaurants, once - and off it!

What's the hardest part of your job?

Maintain quality and keep prices right. Opening a restaurant is one thing, but keeping the service, food, atmosphere stable is incredibly hard work.

How do you see the future of the restaurant business?

There is no one who has ever refused. If a person is used to going to restaurants, he will go there. They will always be. But more establishments of the average check will appear. Less luxury, more democratic places. You know, if you count the number of Moscow restaurants per capita, the figure is scanty. Even in Perm or Yekaterinburg, this figure is higher. We have a lot to strive for.

What is your main professional dream?

I want to open my own restaurant in every metropolis of the world. In New York, Hong Kong, Miami and other major cities.

Do you think this is real?

If you have a goal, you need to achieve it!

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