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Marina Kim: "Night Work Is Contraindicated For A Woman By Nature"
Marina Kim: "Night Work Is Contraindicated For A Woman By Nature"

Video: Marina Kim: "Night Work Is Contraindicated For A Woman By Nature"

Video: Marina Kim: "Night Work Is Contraindicated For A Woman By Nature"
Video: Вебинар: "Татуаж. Плотная стрелка" 2023, June

Marina Kim is the TV presenter of Channel One, with a smile of which almost every morning a good half of our country begins. Despite the morning and sometimes night work schedule, the girl finds time to act in films, leads an active social life and acts as a co-author of documentaries. Behind him is choreography, a modeling career, the Faculty of International Relations, first at St. Petersburg State University, and then at MGIMO, and his father's main admonition: “Beautiful women are perishable goods! You have to put all the time and energy into your head."

You are undeniably a very attractive woman. Has your appearance ever bothered you? Did you have to break stereotypes?

If your head is in order, then you are fearless, confident and completely protected. And people always think of something for themselves: beautiful means that everything is given easily, a woman means that she definitely uses it … I don't pay attention. Pru is like a tank, period.

You started working as a student. What was the main motivation?

I always wanted independence from my parents. Its main component is financial independence. So the crumbs that were paying the models then made me super cool and independent. Now, of course, this is all funny.

How do you manage to keep up with everything?

My rhythm of life is sometimes crazy. Shooting in "Good morning", training for the project "Without insurance", a social event in St. Petersburg, and in the morning again a live broadcast in Moscow. All this requires preparation (clothing, beautician, hairstyle, make-up, production). To keep up with everything, I use a "mobile office" - that's what I call my Microsoft Lumia 950 smartphone. Everything that I'm used to using on a computer is here. At the same time, it is compact, fast and excellent photographs. The battery charge lasts for almost two days, and I am more calm about the safety of my personal data and photos - every time the smartphone is unlocked by scanning the iris of the eyes (we are talking about biometric authentication Windows Hello Beta. - Ed.). You understand how important it is now!


Dress and sandals, Sportmax; smartphone, Microsoft Lumia 950; the watch is the property of Marina.

Do you find time for yourself? Do you have any secrets to getting ready for an important event quickly?

When the workload is heavy, I forcibly set aside time for myself - to arrange something that will bring pleasure and restore strength. It can be people who energize, and travel, and food, and just a bath or massage. The main thing is to like it. And, of course, you need to prepare for the events. There are no miracles. Exit success is a thoughtful image. But sometimes the best and pre-selected bows don't work when your mood is at zero. And the most expensive clothes look disgusting. My secret: if I'm not in the mood, I don't go anywhere.

At what point did you realize that you were successful as a professional?

Professional is a terrible word. It seems to me that it ruins creativity and the desire to develop oneself. I never get the full satisfaction of my work. When I feel it, I'll leave. I like it when I am driven by adrenaline and drive, when the “eye burns” and you run to work.

Remember, please, the most valuable advice that you have been given in life?

Life is not for suffering, but for pleasure.

What is your main journalistic / television feat?

Every time I agree to shoot at night, I consider it a feat. Working from 11 pm to 7 am for a woman is simply contraindicated by nature. But what can I do, that's my job.

Have you ever had days when you wanted to “kick the brakes” and, if not quit your job, then at least reduce its number?

Not. Never. The more employment the better. It is only important to correctly organize your time. The smartphone is helping a lot in this now.

The best way to relax after a working day is …

Watch a good series: "Homeland", "Americans

Is there a taboo for you in the profession?

Not. I just do what my intuition tells me to do. So far she has not forbidden me anything.

If you could rewind time, would you change something?

Not. In my opinion, everything is going just amazing.

We would like to thank the Standart hotel for help in organizing the shooting.

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