Direct Speech: Mario Filippi
Direct Speech: Mario Filippi
Video: Direct Speech: Mario Filippi
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The first piece released by Fabiana Filippi was a 100% cashmere sweater. The history of the brand, founded by me and my brother Giacomo, began in 1985 with individual products, and later we decided to move on to creating a total look.

It is very important for us to have the Made in Italy certificate, but first of all we declare this not with an inscription, but with the product itself: the product must convey beauty, wealth and the highest quality. We always keep this goal in mind.

I am doing what my father and grandfather taught me.

To be honest. Respect who is around. Follow your dream. Commit to your work with full passion. Here are the most important business tips I've learned from my parents.

In our work, skill must be combined with total dedication.

Fabiana Filippi, my brother's daughter, after whom the company was named, today works in our team and takes part in the design of the brand's accessories.

The woman Fabiana Filippi is first and foremost a person, she took place as a professional in her field and, at the same time, as a mother and wife. She prefers quality and naturalness, emphasizing her inner world and individuality, and at the same time rejects everything ostentatious.

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