Charity-action Of Gourji And Vera Foundation
Charity-action Of Gourji And Vera Foundation
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Why not invest in cozy cashmere items that will serve you faithfully in the cold weather of Moscow? Especially if the result of your shopping is not only an update of your wardrobe, but also a charitable contribution to the Vera Foundation. He launched a special charity campaign with Gourji: the proceeds from the sale of two copies of the brand's shawls will be used to help the wards of the foundation. We are talking about products included in the new line of women's shawls and scarves, namely the models "Poppies" and "Doves".

In these and other novelties, Gourji continues the theme of the aesthetic diversity of Eurasia, which underlies it. "Doves", for example, recall the spectacular ornament of the so-called "petal" style, which was very actively used in ancient Byzantine manuscripts and manuscripts of the 10th-14th centuries. With its dominant dark blues and blues, this floral pattern resembles enamels, and the Gourji 90% cashmere shawl is in the same spirit. If in the center of this model there is an image of a medallion with two pigeons turning their heads in different directions, then the “Poppies” shawl is dedicated to the maximally enlarged flower petals. They appear against a richly ornamented background with an imitation of Arabic ligature: the artist hand-applied Hafiz's poems to a cashmere and silk scarf made in Italy.

You can find two shawls participating in the action using special stickers: they have already appeared in the Gourji boutique in the Fashion Season shopping center, as well as in the brand corners in the Vremena Goda shopping center and the Atrium shopping center.

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