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How To Diversify Your Life In January
How To Diversify Your Life In January

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to Italy? Personally, I like places that are completely different in atmosphere - from bustling Naples to meditative Venice.

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to the Venetian restaurant Da Fiore? I'm talking about the one on Calle delle Botteghe. The local seasonal menu is beyond praise!


flea markets? This is a must-have for my perfect weekend, along with long naps and meeting friends.


Italian film classics of the 60s? I especially love films by Vittorio De Sica, such as Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Marriage in Italian. And from the novelties I look forward to Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" (in the Russian box office since January 14. - HB).


Shot from the movie "The Hateful Eight"


attitude towards laziness? Sometimes this is a useful and even necessary activity. When I want to rest, I ask my husband to take me to a place where there is absolutely nothing to do - and there I enjoy peace.


attention to the view from the window? We often do not notice it, and in the meantime, it greatly affects our mood. If the picture on the other side of the glass does not make you happy, try changing it. Just for a couple of days.


reggae? This music is the best way to travel from a chilly January to a hot Jamaican summer, and Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff are the most correct companions on such a journey.


to the exhibition of the great Giotto, which takes place in Milan's Palazzo Reale until January 10? When I was little, I seriously thought that he was the first to draw a circle (as legend has it, the artist once demonstrated his skill by drawing a perfectly correct circle by hand. - HB).

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