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How To Wear: Coat
How To Wear: Coat

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The flared flare, jacket and turtleneck are a classic look from the 1970s. Three colors are best combined: beige, cream and gray. Wear the coat over your shoulders, over the suit. Match it with suede ankle boots and tortoiseshell glasses.


Coat, Louis Vuitton; jacket and trousers, Stella McCartney; turtleneck, Tommy Hilfiger; ankle boots, Santoni; glasses, Prada


The combination of a cashmere coat and a slip dress may seem rather daring to someone, but such an image can look very elegant. The main thing is the right length and color. For a silk combination of graphite color, below the knee length and a straight-cut coat, choose pumps with a small heel - and feel free to go to an exhibition or Friday dinner with friends.

Coat, Max Mara; dress, La Perla; shoes, Louis Vuitton


An oversized coat can look truly feminine when worn with a bustier dress. Do not overload the look with accessories: boats and a laconic clutch will be enough. You should also be careful with your make-up and hairstyle: slightly tousled hair and a natural look will help to avoid excessive elegance.


Coat, dress, shoes, Max Mara

New look

Coat like dress? Why not?! The classic Dior look in 2015 looks very modern with the latest vinyl ankle boots and a relaxed hairstyle.

Coats and boots, Dior


Dull minimalism for every day is our choice for this fall. Instead of pants, try wearing trendy culottes and don't be afraid to dilute the monochrome set with a bold color.


Coat, Sportmax; top and culottes, Celine; ankle boots, Dior

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