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7 Tracks From Shows That Energize
7 Tracks From Shows That Energize

Video: 7 Tracks From Shows That Energize

Video: *Energy Booster* Music - Wake Up Without Caffeine / Gamma Waves for Workout - Binaural u0026 Isochronic 2022, December

Shortly before the start of the new fashion marathon, which will kick off Haute Couture Week in Paris on January 24, Katya Guseva, the host of the Dress Code program on Megapolis 89.5 FM radio, sorted out two important Milan shows. To determine the musical preferences of Donatella Versace and Philippe Plein, as well as to recharge their strength, courage and energy, she suggests right now.

Versace, spring-summer 2016

To begin with, Donatella Versace is a domineering and femme fatale. Her shows always demonstrate the power of charm and resilience, the image of a woman leader, especially important in these times of great changes. The latest collection of the House of Versace is saturated with the turbulent mood that reigns in the world - this is both an economic crisis and aggravated political situations. Khaki, dark green, a shade of burnt sand and, of course, black, without which the collections of the House are unthinkable, reign supreme. Despite the restraint of the colors, all the looks are very frank: fitted and short pieces are an eternal element of Versace style.

Versace decided to open the recent show at Milan Fashion Week with the track David Anthony feat. Beverlei Brown - I Don't Know, which mixes with DJs Transition feat Amor, Nancy Whang, Mamacita, Coco Solid Underground Resistance Cover. The show is continued by the creation of London electronic music guru Matthew Herbet - Manny. The music also changes to the appearance of the most complex evening dresses: the track Armz House - Booboo becomes the final point of the fashionable Apocalypse. The perfect combination of belligerence and fashion can be seen in both house and house music of the house of Versace itself. The soundtracks give us a sense of the spirit of the collection and understand with which electronic music Donatella Versace combines his creations. Expensive, fashionable and on the edge!

Track One: I Don't Know Why - Manoo Remix

At the same time, another composition is playing: Transition ft AMOR, Nightwave, Nancy Whang, Mamacita, Coco Solid Underground Resistance Сover.

All together you can listen here:

Philipp Plein Spring / Summer 2016

Philip Plein's work has never been distinguished by restraint. The cyber-punk-rock show, staged by him at the last Mold Week in Milan, is a vivid proof of this. It opens with the "punks grandmother" Courtney Love. This live performance alone can be aesthetic pleasure. The entire collection tells us: “Rock is alive! And Kurt Cobain too! " Black, white, silver … I can't say that I would have bet on these colors in 2016, but Philip Plein was very convincing. The abundance of leather goods, including leather jackets, supported the general theme of the collection.

The show began with the Kraftwerk track Die Mensch Maschine, which replaces the performance of the musical rock band robots. Kraftwerk's music is a 70s party to the track Trans-Europe Express, but it sounds great with the 21st century looks we see on the catwalk. The close proximity of the two eras reveals the true spirit of the collection, not limited by time frames - Philip Plain demonstrates, first of all, relaxedness and sexuality.

For impressive evening looks (it is impossible not to note the numerous stones and rhinestones on jackets and dresses), the designer chooses a new musical accompaniment: a much more modern track SBCR & OWl Vision - Krack sounds. Further, the rhythm of the show is set by the composition BAAl - Ingenium with beautiful cello weaves, which brings live and bright notes to a seemingly completely cybernetic collection. Wanting to represent the models as robots and thus pay tribute to technological progress, the Philipp Plein team turns on Kraftwerk again: this time the track The Model sounds. The musical selection ends with the fiery and challenging track Fukkkk offfff - Sex, leaving the audience with unforgettable emotions. Bravo, Philip!

Start: Kraftwerk - Die Mensch-Maschine, 1978

Following: Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express, 1977

Modern Beat: SBCR & Owl Vision - Krack

Beautiful cello weaves: BAAL - Ingenium (Original Mix)

Another nod to Kraftwerk:

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