35 Sweaters For Real Winter
35 Sweaters For Real Winter

Video: 35 Sweaters For Real Winter

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Video: 7 Essential Sweaters EVERY Man Must Own (2020 Buying Guide) 2023, January

As the calendar swiftly approaches the end of the year, and the thermometer - to the limits of your comfort temperature, two things come to the rescue: the warm embrace of loved ones and cozy sweaters. Despite the fact that knitted garments top the lists of women's hateful to the male eye every year, the heart starts to beat faster at the sight of sweaters from the latest collections. While Isabel Marant, Brunello Cucinelli and J. Crew pay tribute to the classics with base pieces that will bail out for more than one season, Stella McCartney, Valentino and Elizabeth and James are opting for fancy decorative elements. Embroidery in the style of a traditional Russian costume, an abundance of feathers, metal zippers or ironic slits on the shoulders (like Alexander McQueen) - from insiders,those who want to stand out among others without regard to the difficulties of living in our climatic zone, there is reason to rejoice.

It's almost impossible to make a mistake when choosing a new sweater. There are mainly two rules: firstly, you should be warm, and secondly, passing by the mirror, you should spread into a smile, feeling how comfort and festive atmosphere envelop you at the very beginning of winter.

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