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Tony Ward: "Lebanese Women Are My Main Inspiration"
Tony Ward: "Lebanese Women Are My Main Inspiration"

Video: Tony Ward: "Lebanese Women Are My Main Inspiration"

Video: Interview with Lebanese Designer Tony Ward | Arabian Moda 2022, December

We see your dresses all the time on royalty and celebrities like Beyoncé and Pink. Why did you need to launch the prêt-à-porter segment?

Of course, our clients are accustomed to the fact that the dress they order is a one-of-a-kind, that I or the master personally come for fitting (I regularly visit my haute couture clients in Moscow), and they are ready to pay more than 25 thousand euros for incredible fabrics and handmade. But they constantly asked if it was possible to do something like that, but for every day. I began to wonder if it was possible to create beautiful dresses that would be more affordable. And so in the last two years we have begun to develop the prêt-à-couture concept - a cross between ready-to-wear and the quality that we are used to doing for the last twenty years. I repeat in my ready-to-wear collection the same techniques as in haute couture, but, of course, using less rare fabrics.

Please describe the looks in the new spring-summer collection

I am a big fan of reading, and one of the works that have fascinated me lately is the memoir of Ava Gardner. Hollywood luxury, mystery, uncompromising femininity - Gardner embodied the entire style of that era for me. It is to her that I dedicated my collection - the dresses refer to the cut of the 50s, albeit in a rather veiled way.


What impressed you the most this fall?

Again, the book "Characters" by Ken Follett, and now I'm an ardent fan of his!

What are your thoughts on the discontinuation of prêt-à-porter lines by brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Viktor & Rolf?

It should be noted that we have quite different business models. The same Jean-Paul Gaultier worked in the ready-to-wear market for quite some time, which, as we all know, can negatively affect creativity. On the contrary, I am a newcomer to this market - I decided that it was time to give the opportunity to wear my dresses not only to the elite. Moreover, now there are too few of those who can afford to wear haute couture dresses.

What should a girl wear to look perfect?

I would start with an honest analysis of the body type. The first step is to learn how to choose those dresses in which you look the most advantageous. Don't be shy about tight models if you are skinny. Wear wide skirts if you have rounded hips. Well, and to happy owners of large breasts, I would advise to visually narrow the shoulder line. And keep yourself in hand, if you want to follow all the fashion trends - this is a real minefield!

Control yourself if you want to follow all fashion trends - this is a real minefield!

Let's say you decided to collaborate with Topshop or H&M. What could it be?

I think this is still an evening collection, but in a rather relaxed style - no volumes and crinolines, but interesting materials and play with transparency.

Tony Ward

Who are you friends with in the fashion industry?

Lebanese designer Basil Soda, may he rest in peace, was a very close friend to me. And today, I'm afraid, only those with whom I manage to meet regularly are fabric manufacturers.

How does Lebanese culture affect your work and lifestyle?

My main inspiration is Lebanese women. They are unique, and their sense of style and understanding of fashion cannot but inspire. It is not surprising that our women, like Russians, are often called the most beautiful in the world, and in this we are alike! And, of course, this affects the fact that now the whole world knows that Lebanon has the most famous designers of evening and wedding dresses. It is believed that we know how to combine the traditions of the East and the West.

What place in Lebanon would you show someone who has never been there before?

The Holy Valley of Kaddisha in northern Lebanon, protected by UNESCO, is home to some of the first Christian monasteries in the world.

What kind of music do you like to work with?

Under Eros Ramazzotti.

Where would you like to spend your next vacation?

At home with a book. I travel too much, so I would like to devote the next vacation to doing nothing.


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