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Uma Thurman: "I Choose Directors, Not Scripts"
Uma Thurman: "I Choose Directors, Not Scripts"

Video: Uma Thurman: "I Choose Directors, Not Scripts"

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Video: Quentin Tarantino responds to Uma Thurman's allegations 2023, January

Uma, it has been rumored for a year that Tarantino is going to shoot the third part of "Kill Bill". And then came the moment of truth: to be it all the same or not to be?

Unlikely to be. At least so far there are no filming, and we'll see how it goes in the future. To be honest, I'm not really worried about this: the role of the Bride has not been the trump card in my deck for a long time.

That's a statement! For us, this character is like your business card. We say: "Uma", we think: "Bride". Well, and dancing like the goddess Mia Wallace in "Pulp Fiction". And then all the other roles

That is, I am still associated with a couple of roles ten or even twenty years ago? (Laughs.) No, I certainly do not argue that the most important thing for me was working with Tarantino, that our friendship with him is a whole era, that his films have the maximum effect on viewers. What is really there - even now, during the interview, everyone is asking about him only! And yet I am not ready to be one of those actresses who are said to be: "She is unable to overcome the boundaries of her genre."

For some actors, this crossing of boundaries turns into a new profession. Ben Affleck has long been enlisted as a promising director, Angelina Jolie is already releasing her fourth film, and so on. How about getting a job in the director's chair?

I have been thinking about this for a long time, but I haven’t come to clearly planned actions yet, and here is why: I did not have a script in my hands that I wanted to immediately launch into production. Hopefully the situation will change in the near future.

Roles, of course, are also important, but the main thing is the person with whom you will go into fire and water and kill Bill.

The success of your future directorial debut is assured - too serious school is behind you. There are both Tarantino and von Trier, with whom you played in "Nymphomaniac". The latter, they say, often rages on the site …

Most talented people have a difficult character, but in this sense I am bulletproof - I will not run away from the set because they raised my voice or looked at me the wrong way. More importantly, Lars has a great sense of humor, which helps a lot in his work.

Before the interview, I caught myself thinking that I had not seen a single bad film with your participation. Have you ever had any failures?

Of course, it doesn't happen to anyone. But let's not talk about them - I don't want to reopen old wounds. (Laughs.) I have a philosophical attitude to such episodes in my career: I regard them as a challenge to myself.

What roles do you consider key in terms of your development as an actress? It's clear about Tarantino and von Trier, digging deeper

I recall with great fondness the early films - "Henry and June", "Dangerous Liaisons". The first was once accused of being overly frank, although I still don't see anything wrong with the actor revealing the character of the hero, including from the sensual side. Then there were interesting roles in The Avengers and The Producers. Yes, a lot of things can be called in fact.


Veil, Jennifer Behr; necklace, Chopard.

After filming Dangerous Liaisons, John Malkovich said that no contemporary actress is as natural as you show on set. Is this some kind of special professional secret?

I try to honestly do my job - if it can be called a professional secret, then yes, I have it.

At what point do you usually realize that you need to accept a role?

Most often when I answer a phone call. Many actors - myself included - choose directors, not scripts. Roles, of course, are also important, but the main thing is the person with whom you will go into fire and water and kill Bill. (Laughs) Imagine that you are asked to play a heroine who is organizing a bloody carnage. What is your reaction? At best, you will say, "This is no good at all." And when you find out that we are talking about Tarantino, the story will take on a completely different color.

For the rest of the interview and full footage, see the December issue of Harper's Bazaar. Available from November 24th.

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