Exhibition Viva Moschino
Exhibition Viva Moschino

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Location - Mint Museum Uptown, North Carolina. The password is passionate love for the mix of ironic and beauty under the Moschino tag. Exhibition Viva Moschino! invites viewers to plunge into the heyday of the brand, which fell on the last decade of the life of the legendary Franco Moschino (1950-1994). The organizers will tell about the history of his own company formation in 1983 and its development until Moschino's death in 1994.

Over the eleven years of the brand's existence, the creations of the uncompromising Italian have flooded the red carpet and private parties, appeared in the best dressing rooms and dressing rooms. Retrospective treasures include the little black dress Be Simple !, celebrated by Moschino's favorite Rihanna, a leopard-print corduroy coat, and an iconic jacket with a huge smiley. The curator of the Mint Museum, Annie Carlano, emphasizes that Franco, like no one else, knew how to combine the canons of clothing created by such icons as Coco Chanel with his beloved surreal motives.

From October 31 to April 3, visitors to the American Museum will be able to get into the spirit of fashion that looks like an endless holiday, as well as feel the aesthetics of the House of Moschino in everything, right down to teddy bears and Barbies on rollers.

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