New Celine In Moscow
New Celine In Moscow

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The end of October was a real heyday for Tretyakovsky Proyezd: following the opening of exhibitions in Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren, as well as the start of sales of the Dolce & Gabbana Moscow capsule collection, a new Céline boutique opened its doors there, which became the second in Moscow. Last night, Katya Mukhina, Ksenia Chilingarova, Olga Karput and other friends of the brand came to look at its non-trivial interiors (Céline continues to develop a new design concept for its boutiques, in which their headquarters in Paris on rue Viviene were built this year).

The boutique has created a very warm and recognizable Céline atmosphere with echoes of the 70s with Art Deco furniture, wood and rare species of colorful onyx and plants in carved stone pots. The items created by the designer FOS, who worked on the recent set-up of the Céline show in Paris and has been collaborating with Phoebe Faylo for several years, perfectly fit into it. Having examined the boutique itself and the brand's new women's collections in detail, the guests continued the social evening with the Ruban sisters and at the Mercedes Bar: the former staged a show at Trekhgornaya Manufactura, and the latter celebrated their third anniversary under the spire of the Stalinist skyscraper “Ukraine”.

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