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AFW Diary
AFW Diary
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1. MATH-studios

Models' abdominal muscles drawn by a highlighter, rag slip-ons with a jumper, reminiscent of children's removable shoes, and faces covered with veils that are not at all romantic - the presentation of MATH-studios, despite all the laconicism of the black and white collection, became one of the most shocking events of the Week fashion.

2. Ianis Chamalidy

The new collection of Ianis Chamalidy with pronounced Asian motives was accompanied by a non-trivial soundtrack: live music sounded at the show, plunging into a languid atmosphere thanks to meditative folk motives.

3.adidas Originals Tubular

The new Tubular sneakers were presented on a grand scale: guests of Aurora Fashion Week were treated to a performance with impeccable light, sound and performance by Bye Bye Ballet, one of the best contemporary dance groups in Russia. Is it worth talking about a real full house and incessant applause?

4. Artem Shumov

Artem Shumov, who arrived in the northern capital from the Shanghai Istituto Marangoni, allowed the audience to feel more like London Fashion Week than St. Petersburg: thick colored glitter covering the hair of models, scars and tattoos combined with things of simple cut, as well as weightless raincoats looked very natural on his "alien" models.

5. Bondarev

Bunches, egg-pods or buns - these structures on the head can be called in different ways. The main thing is that at the show of Sergei Bondarev, one of the most important St. Petersburg designers, they looked so easy and touching that the next day the number of fashion insiders who came to AFW with fancifully tied hair noticeably increased.

6. So Number One

The Petersburg brand So Number One, famous for its perfectly tailored coats and tutu skirts “like Carrie Bradshaw's”, presented the maximum summer collection. The color of fresh green, which has reigned in both the clothes and the make-up of models resembling forest fairies, gives rise to a feeling of the imminent arrival of spring. He is echoed by rich terracotta tones and pastel blue, which maintain a good mood, despite the first cold weather.

7. Alina Muha

Alina Mukha's presentation is definitely worthy of attention: a young Petersburg woman perfectly combines a leather bandage with silk robes.

8. Lena Maximova x Pokras Lampas

Collaborations with artists have not yet become a habit of Russian designers, so Lena Maksimova's decision to stage a performance together with artist Pokras Lampas worked as something fresh and attracting an unprecedented number of viewers.

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