10 Best Bags Of Autumn
10 Best Bags Of Autumn

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An investment (according to the explanatory dictionary of S. I. Ozhegov and N. Yu. Shvedova) is "an investment in an enterprise or business" or "in certain sectors of the economy within the country and abroad." Applying this word to fashion, we note the particular importance of investing in bags, shoes and outerwear - these wardrobe elements are the accents of your images and, if necessary, give you status. You will receive "profit" from such an investment not one, but several seasons. This fall and winter, leading brands have opted for medium-sized rectangular tote bags with long handles, complementing them with their own original details: the red Louis Vuitton bag gets a criss-cross L and V clasp, and Gucci's Dionysus features bee embroidery. Together with them, the trend was set by Dior with their tweed Diorama,Chanel with a woven Boy bag, and Chloé with a Faye model in python leather in the current mustard color.

With the help of a roomy Peekaboo, the House of Fendi saves those who “carry in a bag all their lives,” and Valentino suggests sticking to the “golden mean” in this matter, opting for a small model made of multicolored leather. Evening looks that do not involve large bags can be successfully completed by a miniature Jimmy Choo with a long handle, the color of which can be chosen for everyone, or a Mark Cross chest bag. And more daring girls with a good sense of humor will definitely not pass by the beige Saint Laurent bag with a long fringe!

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