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All About Chinese Contemporary Art

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Two dozen Chinese artists who are worth knowing, but very difficult to remember: Louis Vuitton undertakes to tell about each of them in such a way that their names stuck in their heads no worse than Ai Weiwei. The latter, however, also participates in the "Chinese" art program of the fund: everyone who is unlikely to get to Australia, where the Andy Warhol exhibition opened | Ai Weiwei can see several of his works in Paris. While the local department store Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is filled with Weiwei's bamboo-silk floating sculptures, the Louis Vuitton Foundation presents his famous "Tree" along with other impressive works. For example, authorship by Isaac Julien (the only author not from China), as well as Cao Fei, Xu Zhen, Yang Fudong and many others.


Isaac Julien. Ten Thousand Waves, 2010

The first reason to travel to France is valid until April: everyone who travels to Paris for Haute Couture Week (January 24-28) or prêt-à-porter Week (March 1-9) should visit the Fondation Louis Vuitton. At this time, the exhibition "Bentu - Chinese Artists in an Age of Unrest and Transformation" will be open there: 12 authors from mainland China will tell about their country in a non-trivial, sincere and defiant manner.

Zhang Xiaogang. My Ideal, 2008

In parallel with it, the Foundation will open two more important exhibitions: the first collects works by Chinese artists from private collections, the second focuses on music, cinema, performances and poetry. They will work until September 5, so an acquaintance with Chinese art, albeit less deep, awaits us in Paris in the summer.

The public opening of three exhibitions at the Louis Vuitton Foundation is scheduled for January 27th.


Zhang Huan. Sudden Awakening, 2006

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