Ai Weiwei In A Parisian Department Store
Ai Weiwei In A Parisian Department Store
Video: Ai Weiwei In A Parisian Department Store
Video: EXCLUSIVE - Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei and Paris Hilton at Le Bon Marche in Paris - Part 1 2023, February

Ai Weiwei transformed the space of the department store for a month with his exhibition Er Xi (Child's Play): the administration of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche did not restrict the artist in the “children's games”, giving full carte blanche to work within its walls. Weiwei managed to dream a lot: mythological creatures were born, which the artist dubbed "friendly, daring and unhappy." The source of inspiration for him was the ancient Chinese treatise Shan Hai Jing (that is, the "Catalog of Mountains and Seas"), the history of which dates back to the 3rd-2nd centuries BC.


Weiwei's volumetric sculptures of bamboo and white silk (as opposed to the fragile rice paper traditional for such products) are mostly suspended from the ceiling: the feeling of freedom that the artist now feels (recall that his passport was returned to him only in July last year) was expressed in airiness new designs. The exception to the rule is a dragon that greets the guests of the department store on the first floor.

The Paris exhibition, available during the opening hours of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, open to everyone and completely free, is available from 16 January to 20 February.

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