Natalia Vodianova X Preciously Paris
Natalia Vodianova X Preciously Paris

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Video: Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault at the Stella McCartney Fashion Show in Paris 2023, January

Following the charitable project with Zarina, Natalia Vodianova began a collaboration with Preciously Paris and its founder, model Karol Tesser. The Parisian brand, famous for hand-embroidered jeans and bags and accessories with precious and semi-precious stones, has created a new product especially for its Naked Heart Foundation. The proceeds from the sale of each of the 200 pieces of the beautifully embroidered bag will be donated to charity.

Natalia Vodianova, who admires everything that Preciously Paris does, embroidery has been close since childhood: her grandmother taught her this skill. And the design on the bags, which she presented in the Colette department store, is in many ways close to the traditionally Russian motives. Each piece with a "very folklore", as Natalia described it, a heart with the inscription Naked Heart took 25 hours of work of Parisian craftsmen.

Ideal for both day and night out, the bag is currently available exclusively at Colette, but will also be available on November 23 at Bon Marché, Nine in the Mirror and Preciously Paris.

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