Jewelry Collection Rose De Vents, Dior
Jewelry Collection Rose De Vents, Dior

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The new jewelry collection Rose des Vents hides a rich history closely associated with the biography of Monsieur Christian Dior. The symbolic medallions with the image of the wind rose and the background of precious stones can be combined with several periods of the designer's life: from his childhood years spent in Granville to the time when he had already settled in Paris. The house in which the future designer grew up was named Les Rhumbs ("Rumba"). It was built by a ship owner and reminded of travel in every corner. Rumba is a one-thirty-second piece of a wind rose, the motif of which was repeated even in the mosaic bottom of the pool in the backyard. Later, in Paris, Christian Dior came across a star lying on the ground and considered it a sign: soon after the discovery, he decided to open a fashion house, and kept the lucky star for many years.

The designer of the Dior jewelry line, Victoire de Castellane, could not ignore these stories: she endowed all the items from the new collection with the symbol of the wind rose and, in addition, shot several animated films featuring the figure of Christian Dior. The elegant medallions embody the idea of ​​an amulet for happiness, which is close to Dior, and his love for the roses that he himself grew, and echoes of his past. And bracelets and necklaces containing the same motif have become ideal neighbors for them.

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