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Bazaar Weekend: February 21-23
Bazaar Weekend: February 21-23
Video: Bazaar Weekend: February 21-23
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Explore new exhibitions

Since February 22, “Artifacts” by Olga Lomaka have been presented on the territory of Krasny Oktyabr: a new project by a Russian-British artist who skillfully mixes surrealism and pop art in her works and uses a variety of expressive means for this, can be seen in 25Kadr Gallery. This time Olga Lomaka turned to a new direction in creativity - wooden sculptures and airbrushing - and was already warmly greeted with him: on the eve of the opening of the "Artifacts" for just one evening appeared to the eyes of the secular public in the Spiridonovs' mansion.

Other must-see shows this month - from last week's The Cal: Pirelli Calendar 2016. Annie Leibovitz at MAMM to Genesis by Sebastio Salgado - here.


Olga Lomaka. Creeper, 2015. Genie in the Can, 2015. Wood / Airbrush.

Check out fashion shows online

Even those who are far from London can see all the new fall / winter collections at the same time as guests of Fashion Week: watch live broadcasts on the brands' official websites. Burberry has gone further: Christopher Bailey's novelties can be seen not only on, but also on Apple TV. Be aware of the time difference as you study the schedule.

Buy anything you need

For example, James Bond items at Christie's online auction are the place to get an exceptionalt for February 23rd. Or in much more familiar metropolitan boutiques: for those who do not yet know what to present to dear men, we have collected more than a hundred suitable options.

Plan a party trip

The new pop-up project Slowdance Bar implies fun exclusively on Fridays: so that the end of the next working week does not catch you by surprise, think in advance where, with whom and what to spend it with. Once you've chosen the perfect dress, add to your calendar the parties that have been taking place since February at Arkady Novikov's Pan-Asian restaurant Roni. Responsible for the project is Kirill Korolev, known to the capital's public for his work on the Roof of the World, Troyka Multispace and Shakti Terrace, and last Friday the guests of the opening had already appreciated it - be next.


Enjoy winter sports

Winter golf, helicopter golf, ski competitions … All this awaits the guests of the Tseleevo Winter Open - one of the largest events of the Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club. From February 21 to 23, they can take part in various tournaments or see how others do it: we suggest adding spectacular competitions to the calendar and preparing for an active holiday without delay.

Get one step closer to the world of rock music

This week, Tsvetnoy department store has opened an exhibition of Bob Masse - the famous illustrator, the father of the psychedelic rock poster genre. After dinner at the 45th Parallel, go a couple of floors below and boldly take your man there: if the names of David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin sparkle in your eyes, and the songs The Doors and Led Zeppelin have been accompanying you for almost half your life, the concert posters of these world rock legends are definitely worth seeing. The exhibition at Tsvetnoy will be the first and only show of Masse's works in Russia: it will feature over 20 works by the author.

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